Infuse 7 license question

Hi James; what about infuse 7 for AppleTV? We’re SO excited about it! Today we have an infuse 6 Pro Lifetime Subscription. Will infuse 7.0 heird our lifetime subscription or will we have to buy the app’s lifetime subscription again? Even reading the main article about it we’ve got doubts at this point specifically. Will the folders structure remain the same for organization purposes? Do u need any kind of help to translate something in brazilian portuguese? I’d be proud to help, free of charge lol. Thank you SO much and, keep up with the good work, u guys are the best!

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Infuse 7 for iOS and Apple TV are both in progress.

The monthly, yearly, and lifetime licenses (purchased from within the free Infuse 5 or Infuse 6 apps) will transfer over to v7 so you should be fine.

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I dont know if I bought the Pro version or subscripted from the free to the lifetime license…

We don’t have a way to look this up, but you can locate your receipt by following these steps.

Cool. I have infuse pro 6 lifetime, if it will transfer to v7 will it be Pro or regular version?

If you have a lifetime subscription for Infuse that will always give you the pro features in version 7 and beyond.

Any of the in-app options purchased in Infuse 6 (or Infuse 5) will transfer to Infuse 7.

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