Infuse 7 Library Cant Collect from Google Drive


I have an issue. The library tab will not collect any information on all the films in my google shared drive. It is empty, however I have already set up google drive in settings and I can view these on the File tab. I can even watch them, but the Library refuses to collect any data. When scan for changes, it will try fetching but then stops.
When I open a movie folder in Files, infuse will organize them (tv series) and even add information (images, description, what suppose to be seem in Library). Just that the library remains empty.

Some info:
The account having issues is using Apple Family Share.
Infuse Pro 7.0
The Google Drive is a Shared Drive for this account.
I have tried removing drive and reinstalling infuse with no improvement.
Using iPhone 12.

Any advise?

Can you check to ensure you have at least one Favorites selected in the Infuse > Settings > Library menu?

I currently have two favorites. One for movie folder and the other for series.