Infuse 7 letterboxing does not zoom right to the notch

It’s tricky to see with videos which have embedded black bars, but the current version uses all of the safe area. (Safe area takes into account the notch and curved corners)

Here’s a screenshot of a 16x9 video playing with the Aspect Ratio set to Ultra-Widescreen, with Zoom set to Off. The edges of this video extend for the furthest point without clipping.

Of course, you can also zoom the video to fill the entire screen.

on my 12 pro max the notch never overlapped the movie, movies just right right up to the notch, might be different for the smaller iphone

or, also a good feature or fix it to allow pinch to zoom on the video so you get fine control of the video zoom?

Personally, I don’t think pinch to zoom would provide a great experience, but there’s a thread in the suggestion area you might consider supporting.

Yeah but since iphone 13 has a taller notch etc it would be a solution also you can leave it off by default and just adding pinch to zoom option in the settings area for people who want very fine control of the zoom with make their experience much better :wink:

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