Infuse 7 letterboxing does not zoom right to the notch

Hello, Infuse 7 seems to have left and right side letterboxing if I select ultra wide screen etc, I wanted the video to zoomed in right to the edge of the notch like it did with Infuse 6 without it getting in the way.
Infuse 6

Infuse 7

Can you check the Video Zoom and Aspect Ratio options found in the Video section of the Playback Menu (tap gear icon while a video is playing) to ensure these are the same in both v6 and v7?

Yes they are both, the same Video Zoom is always on normal and Aspect Ratio is on Ultra-Widescreen 36:10 so the movies zoom right the the notch as seen on the Infuse 6 Picture, but not the case for Infuse 7.

@james is there any update regarding this issue?

@james have you made progress on this issue, still not fixed in 7.2.1

This video likely has embedded black bars, which are hitting the top/bottom edges of the screen.

Try setting Video Zoom to Crop, and then adjusting the Aspect Ratio option to set the preferred level of zoom.

No I mean the video is not going to the notch like it supposed to like in Infuse 6 with first image when I select widescreen

In most cases, the Aspect Ratio setting will have no effect unless you select either the Crop or Stretch zoom option.

why does the movie ratio not stretch to the notch because there is a slight black bar before hitting the notch but in infuse 6 there is no black bar it goes right to the notch so video looks bigger as seen in the 2 screenshots

Capture.png (252×758) (

Have you tried the suggestion I’ve given you?

Yes and no luck no matter what it does not work like infuse 6, I always use ultra widescreen ratio with no crop and that would correctly zoom the movie to the notch in infuse 6 but on infuse 7 there is always a black bar next to the notch

If you want to upload a video sample we can take a look.


I can’t seem to replicate any differences here between v6 and v7.

Here are a few screenshots of a 16x9 aspect ratio video playing in v6 and v7. 9 (Using a video like this is better as it allows you to see exactly where the edges of the video are, compared to something which has embedded black bars.)

As you can see, the video extends to the top/bottom edge and the left/right edges end up being wherever they are.

its only an issue with widescreen movies, tv or 16:9 ratio is fine,

with Movies there is top and bottom letter boxing which is correct but with infuse 7 there is slight black bar on the lift side before it hits the notch where in infuse 6 the video would zoom right to the edge of the notch with no black bar

Ok, I think I understand what you are seeing.

Infuse 6 has a bug which allowed non-zoomed videos to extend closer to the edge than it should. This could cause partial clipping from the notch, which wasn’t great. This affects videos which are wider than 16x9, or if you have a wider aspect ratio option set.

Here’s an image of what this looked like.

This issue was fixed in v7.0.5, and now the correct boundaries are set, so the video will be displayed without this clipping.

You can of course still zoom the video for it to take up the entire screen.

can you code an exception for the 12 series to extend movie ratios to zoom right to the notch only and everything else in the correct boundaries, having that little extra screen when watching movies makes a difference?, also the 13 series has a taller notch