Infuse 7 letterboxing does not zoom right to the notch

Hello, Infuse 7 seems to have left and right side letterboxing if I select ultra wide screen etc, I wanted the video to zoomed in right to the edge of the notch like it did with Infuse 6 without it getting in the way.
Infuse 6

Infuse 7

Can you check the Video Zoom and Aspect Ratio options found in the Video section of the Playback Menu (tap gear icon while a video is playing) to ensure these are the same in both v6 and v7?

Yes they are both, the same Video Zoom is always on normal and Aspect Ratio is on Ultra-Widescreen 36:10 so the movies zoom right the the notch as seen on the Infuse 6 Picture, but not the case for Infuse 7.

@james is there any update regarding this issue?