Infuse 7 , Homepage with poster Movie in landscape ? Solution

Hello James

I already wanted to thank you and your team for the evolution of infuse, even if it is not a revolution the fact that we now have unblurred fanart on our movies and series, embellished the media page, is beautiful.

Many complain but I do not contend for the moment any annoying bug

but I have a technical question, is there a way when I am on the home page, at the top in the “recently added” category to use a landscape film cover that I have taken through PLEX to have the title (photo 1) and have another image in the media page without the title (photo 2),

there is a solution, the presentation would be more beautiful because today the 2 pages have the same image ???

Same for TV Shows, it would be nice to have the option to change the background image for each season.

Thank you for your answer James

Photo 1 ( Good)

Photo 2 (Good)

Photo 3 (Bad )

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Currently, these will use the same image. You can add your own artwork, but it would appear in both places.

We may look at options here in the future.

agreed. don’t know why this isn’t an option yet

It’s a shame that an application like Infuse Pro can’t do this option systematically. It’s not much and yet the detail is well captured.