Infuse 7 - Home screen layout sync

Hi There,

I got excited about the unified home screen feature ‘Changes will sync via iCloud to all devices, for a consistent feel on all devices’

So I upgraded to infuse 7 on appleTV and enabled icloud sync, then I installed infuse 7 on macOS and made some changes to the home screen layout. So far these changes have not synced to the appleTV.

Should I see the same layout on the appleTV as I have in the macOS app and if so how do I go about troubleshooting and resolving this issue?

Everything else seems to be syncing.

Thanks in advance.

No, they will not sync between devices like that. Unified home screen means that you can have the same lists and favorites styles. If you were familiar with the old iOS version you had separate sections for movies and TV shows. Now it is all one unified Home Screen