Infuse 7 for macOS - some interface suggestions and other improvements

I am a real fan of your iOS and tvOS apps. I was really happy when I learn you create an app in macOS.
I offer you some suggestions to further improve the interface.

1- For the Home screen:

  • Allow horizontal scrolling on the first row of the home screen and split this row into 2 (as already done on tvOS)
  • For the “Others” menu: change the thumbnail format to display a 16/9 format. In general, these videos do not have an official cover (personal or YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo …)
  • Add the icon to hide the sidebar
    Capture d’écran 2021-06-02 à 09.24.19

2- For the Media screen: suggestions almost similar to those made for tvOS

  • Ascend a little the film title
  • Place the technical details just below ( with the appropriates logos)
  • Place the genres below
  • We thus gain 2 lines for the synopsis
  • Add the Rating icon in the toolbar as well as the icon to hide the sidebar

In this way, the interfaces are more consistent between platforms (iOS, tvOS and macOS).
I hope that all of these suggestions will allow Infuse to make further progress on macOS.

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