Infuse 7 Family sharing

I realize that this topic has been covered. However, I’m still yet to find a solution.

I recently purchased the lifetime option for Infuse 7. The problem I’m facing is I’m unable to share this with my family members. (Using Family Sharing for Apple)

I can’t enable sharing in subscriptions because Infuse isn’t recognised as a subscription.

Ive also logged into iTunes to ensure that all apps are unhidden (even did this on Windows iTunes)

Does anyone have a solution or a way around this? Or is this a function of an app update? Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

Both subscription and lifetime license can be shared with family members. However, the lifetime license will not appear in subscriptions (since it is technically not a recurring subscription).

If you have devices running older versions of iOS or are having issues using Apple’s native Family Sharing, you can follow the steps for iOS 4.1.

All the info on Family Sharing can be found here.

Hi James,

Thanks for the response. I’m running on iOS 14.6. However, as mentioned, and as you’ve reiterated, it’s technically not a subscription.

Therefore point no.2 in the shared steps which says, “For subscriptions, ensure sharing has been enabled in the Infuse subscription page (App Store > Subscriptions > Infuse)” doesn’t apply. Because again, it isn’t recognised as a subscription. So I don’t even see it in my subscriptions.

Any way to troubleshoot this? Appreciate it.


As long as you have your family sharing set up have you tried having one of the family members download the Infuse app and click restore?

Yeah. Family sharing has been set up. Able to share Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade but Infuse doesn’t show up.

I’ve tried clicking restore on my wife’s phone (which also runs on iOS 14.6). Doesn’t work as well.

I believe you have to download the new v7 app then when you open it and you go to the settings I think there’s a “Restore” button after the three subscription options. Working off memory but I think that should do it.

Thanks for the suggestion. Seems like we’re all stumped. Both me and the wife are on Infuse 7 and running on iOS 14.6

I even tried to delete and reinstall the app on the wife’s phone. But clicking restore doesn’t do nothin’.

I purchased Infuse 7 with my appleID. Enabled family sharing. Used her phone, navigated to AppStore purchases (under her appleID), clicked on my ID (still on her phone which means she is recognised as a family member for her to be able to see my purchases) and it shows Infuse 7 as purchased.

Clicked to download. Opened Infuse 7, but the problem persists. She clicks restore and it won’t allow for her be recognised as a family.

After clicking on restore, when you click on Settings, does it say Infuse or Infuse Pro? Also if you click on settings and then Library are there any messages on the top like fetching or syncing?

After clicking on restore, the button does a jiggly bit to imply that the restore attempt has failed.

To answer your question, after I click restore (and it does it’s failed-attempt jiggly bit), clicking on settings doesn’t show either infuse or infuse pro. It shows “Upgrade to Pro and enable awesome new features!” That is enough to tell us that the family sharing and link between accounts has failed. See attached image. It shows my wife’s Infuse account and the above promoted message to go pro.

Upon going into library, nothing is happening. No fetching or syncing. There are files in there because she can still access my home laptop as one of the servers and can even add files from the server in as favourites (movies/series etc.)

Upon clicking play however, it prompts her to sign up for monthly, yearly or lifetime which again, just means that her ID is not recognised by Infuse as part of family sharing.

I’m also unsure if this is an Apple issue vs an Infuse issue. Although Infuse have claimed that family sharing is possible (as per what James from FireCore had suggested previously). I still believe it’s a subscription issue vs a purchase issue - which perhaps can be solved through an update on Infuse’s end? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Try this

  1. Delete app from family member’s device
  2. Open App Store, and navigate to: Profile > Purchased > Family Purchases > You
  3. Search for Infuse 7 and re-download
  4. After download, click Restore on purchase prompt

Hi James,

Tried that. Just tried it again. Restore button still does a jiggly bit.

Ok. Unfortunately this sounds like an App Store issue or something not set up quite right with Family Sharing.

For now, I’d recommend following the steps for iOS 14.1 and earlier.

Alright. Update:

I enabled purchase sharing from my account and then did the same for my wife (the previously provided instructions only talk about enabling subscription and not purchased sharing). And herein lies the solution to the problem. Because lifetime ‘subscription’ is seen as a purchase and not a subscription.

Deleted the app on my wife’s phone and re-installed it but instead of re-installing it from my purchased apps, I did it from her purchased apps instead.

And voila. She now has Infuse Pro as well.

Thanks James, NC_Bullseye for taking the time out to reply and help find a solution.

For any of your users who face a similar issue in the future, this might be the answer (provided they’ve also taken all other necessary steps in family sharing)


Thanks for following up!

I’ve added a note about that to the guide.

I have same sharing problem too. My son try to install and use Lifetime Pro. It’s not working until he connect my trakt account. Since we are two different persons and like different stuff it’s not good to use one account for all of family members so he try to switch off to his own trakt back. Today I discover my Infuse 7 PRO want my money. Restore button is jiggly bit and nothing happens. I call to apple they said I have purchase and send me here. What should I do to get my Lifetime Infuse PRO back. And what can I do to share it to my family?
Purchase family sharing is on on all accounnts.

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