Infuse 7 Fails to Update Emby Server

I am no longer able to connect to and use my Emby Server via Infuse - there are literally no errors in the Emby Server logs, just the authentication success and 200 code responses. I have…

Restarted Emby
Restarted my MacBook which runs Emby
Removed and readded the server on my iPhone and iPad
Confirmed local network access in iOS for Infuse
Reinstalled the app on my iPhone
Reset passwords on my server
Rebooted my router

I am not really sure what else to try.

I continually get an Indexing Failed error after an extended wait of it just sitting on Fetching Content (0 of 275)

Never had an issue with Infuse 6, not really sure what else to try…

Can you try installing 7.0.2?

If the issue persists, sending in a report from your device will help us see what is going on here.

You can send in a report by tapping the ‘Email Us’ option in Settings. You can post the 5 digit code it gives you here (you won’t need to send the actual email).