Infuse 7, DTS-HD MA 5.1, eARC channel issues


I am currently having troubles with audio output with Infuse Pro 7 when playing DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio over eARC. The channels are getting mixed up, I get the central speaker coming from the right rear and the rears coming through the sound bar.

This problem does not occur when I switch back to ARC and so far I am only experiencing this issue with Infuse. I have not seen this with Netflix, Plex or Prime.

Here is my current setup with settings:

Apple TV 4K (4th gen)
tvOS 14.7 (18M60)
Infuse Pro 7.0.9 (3759)

Match Content: Range & Frame Rate
Audio Output: Receiver Speakers
Audio Format: Auto, Dolby Atmos On

LG CX 65"
Digital Sound Out: Pass through
HDMI Input Audio Format: Bitstream
eARC: On

Number of channels: 7.1.4

Movie Codec

The LG CX does not bitstream DTS, unfortunately. You will need to use PCM but you can’t do dtsx

Sorry I completely forgot to write what happens, I do get sound but it is playing the wrong channel from the speakers.

The central channel is being played from the right rear and the rears are being played from the soundbar itself.

Infuse is passing the audio as PCM and is being picked up by soundbar.

If I use the plex app on ATV and play original audio it does work as expected or if I disable eARC and use ARC instead it works as expected with infuse

Appletv4k 1st generation has a known issue with dts HD ma 5.1, so when I upgrade to their 2nd generation I’ll see if it’s been fixed.
The rest of your issues are not mine so I have no help there.

Is this happening with other files, or just this one?

This particular file appears to have 3 front channels, and 2 middle channels. This is also known as 5.1(side). When using eARC the channels would be passed as-is, and it sounds like your soundbar may not understand how to handle this layout.

If you have a chance, can you try one of the DTS-HD MA samples found here?

I have/had the same problem. My setup is LG C9 - JBL Bar 9.1.
Had my ATV 4K connected to the tv via eARC - Passthrough, and the things happened the same way as you write. I have now connected ATV 4K to the HDMI In on the soundbar instead, and now the problem is solved. Sound comes in the right speakers.
My point here is - try to connect your ATV 4K directly to your reciever/soundbar and not to the tv.
At least that helped for me :blush:

In my case I can’t hear the sound at all. I have connected ATV4K → LG TV and LG TV through eArc → JBL 5.1.

The strange thing that only Infuse does not output the sound this way. Any other program has no issues with that. TV+, Netflix, YouTube - all good.

I had the connection before through the optical cable instead of eArc, but that way you can’t control the volume :disappointed:

I contacted the support and they said that this is a known issue and they are searching for a solution. I was hoping next big update like 7.1 will bring up the fix but no luck so far.

Can you connect the ATV4K to the soundbar with an HDMI cable?
I would try that - if you can of course.
That helped for me. Now it sounds great with all codecs.:+1:

If I wanted to solve the issue I would just go back to the optical cable. I don’t like tones of cables being connected to the sound bar. It is also very inconveinient to jump through the sound outputs. I just want it to work like it does in every other app.

Well that is your decision :blush: Just trying to help. And please bear in mind, that optical cables wont deliver/transfer HD-sound.

Yeah, thanks anyway. I would accept any suggestion if I would not use other apps that are working without any issues. I hope developers from Infuse team will find a solution soon.