Infuse 7 does not allow to copy files from previous installed version?

A nice feature came with v6 is, it can copy downloaded files from v5 so I don’t need to download them again, it is useful when you have movies stored in iPhone/iPad, but I don’t see such option in v7?

Do you mean going from V6 Pro standalone to 7? Because regular version 6 automatically updates to 7

Yes, from stand-alone 6 Pro to 7.

Stand-alone 6 Pro allows to copy from standalone 5 Pro.

This is available in Infuse 7, and will require the 6.6.5 update of Infuse Pro 6 (which was just released this morning). :slight_smile:

Thanks James. I guess stand-alone 6.6.5 pro should be released before 7 to avoid confusion…


Sometimes we just have to live with Apple’s approval process though. :man_shrugging:

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