Infuse 7 crash on Apple TV 2016

Hello there,
im using Infuse 7 Pro on Apple TV 2016 Ver 14.7,
in the last few days i get a weird bug,
every so often when i try to get into a movie/series folder i get sent back into the Apple TV home screen!
the app just closes itself and i have to reopen it.
my Apple TV ver is 14.7 and my Infuse 7 Pro Ver is 7.0.8 (3737)
it happens in like 6/10 tries, hope u can help me!
thx in advance! :slight_smile:

Have you tried a restart of the ATV?

If it happens again could you send in the diagnostics from the infuse Settings > Support and post the 5 digit code here?

thanks alot for the replay!
i tried restarting the ATV but it didnt help,
the code i get via support option is : M5H6P
hopefully this will help!

Can you walk through the following steps so we can get a better idea of what is going on here?

  1. Navigate to Infuse > Settings and enable ‘Share Crash Data’
  2. Attempt to replicate the issue
  3. Submit a new report and post the 5 digit code

PS - It looks like you are actually running tvOS 14.6.

Hello James, first of thanks for the quick replay and help!
i just enabled the “share crash data” option.
the issue just happend again 2 times out of 3,
i sent a report the code is 2P7V8 ,

i am running tvOS 14.6, kinda weird i was sure i saw 14.7 two days ago, i tried checking for updates but non found.
is that the problem?

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Quick Update, unplugged the ATV and tried software update, updated into ver 14.7, tried logging into Seinfeld → Season 9 → App crush and back to home screen, tried Season 5 and its good then S5 again and back 2 home screen app crushes!
Sent Diagnostics this time with tvOS 14.7!
5 Digit Code - 8FAT4 , everything was working just great up until recently, now its just so difficult trying 2 watch smting , thank you again for the quick replies :slight_smile: