Infuse 7 Could not Recognize BDMV folder

I connected to my SMB server, but infuse could not recognize BDMV folders. It displays the sub-folders/content of the BDMV folder rather than recognizing the whole BDMV folder as a movie. Is this feature supported?

Can you provide a bit more info about how you have this organized?

Normally, you would have a folder with the movie name and inside that would be the BDMV folder.


Jurassic Park (folder)
Jurassic Park/BDMV

Infuse would then recognize the Jurassic Park folder as a playable item.

The folder I inlaced has the following structure:
Movies (this is the folder I included)
movie1 folder
movie2 folder
movie3 BDMV folder, inside has BDMV, CERTIFICATE, MAKEKV

Some movies are not in the BDMV format. All the folder names are just the movie’s name.

Can you post a screenshot perhaps?

Also, which method are you using to stream to Infuse (SMB, NFS, etc…)? Some methods will not support BDMV structures, so you may just see folders.

I am using the SMB protocol

Sorry, I meant a screenshot from Finder on your Mac showing how this is organized.

Here it is:

It looks like that file might not have been created correctly.

In Finder, the BDMV file should appear as an ‘AVCHD’ Collection and not actually a folder.

Most likely, the BDMV folder is missing the ‘index.bdmv’ file…and maybe a few others.

You can browse one of the working BDMV files by right-clicking on it to compare what should be inside.

Ohhh, I didn’t check this part. The file is *****, so I didn’t check, sorry. I grabbed the index and movieobject files from the BACKUP folder, and now infuse is recognizing the movie. Thanks a lot!

Just as an FYI, probably shouldn’t note your *** Blu-ray files on public forums…

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