Infuse 7 Concept

Hi everyone!

Per NC Bullseye’s request, I’ve moved all future discussion of my infuse redesign concept to this Lounge post. Nothing’s really changed between this post and the older one, but I’ve decided to take the time to outline everything that’s new here. As per usual, all current screenshots are attached below.

The new Home screen is the main hub for of all of your content. At the top is the new tab bar introduced in tvOS 13, which defaults to Home, Movies, TV Shows, and Playlists.

I’ve also added three different views to the home screen: Classic view (close to what it looks like now), Details view (bigger thumbnails), and Theater view (Apple TV-esque). Having this customizable might bee too much, but I figure I’d play with what each would look like.

On Deck is a live-updating row featuring two types of content: what you’re in the middle of watching (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Rick and Morty in my mockups) and the next episode of any tv show you’re binging (The Expanse). I’m not a big fan of how Plex separates Continue Watching from On Deck (because you’ll likely continue watching what’s on deck) so merging them seems like the best option if possible. Tapping anything in the On Deck row will begin playing content immediately—no extra tap necessary.

Below this should look pretty familiar as I’ve just pulled from what Infuse already uses!

Movies and TV Shows
The new Movies and TV Shows screens now use a split view to bring filters directly next to content (instead of having to click down a few levels). Sort by genre, network, rating, etc. right from this screen. Beyond this, not much else has changed.

Details View
Clicking a movie or tv show will bring up a brand new details screen, complete with background, synopses, and basic media info. Scrolling down will pull cast images, reviews, and similar movies for those who like to see extra details on their stuff. For tv shows, I’ve added the ability to quickly scan between seasons—basically cribbed from Apple TV’s interface.

Additionally, note that this view now allows you to play movies with or without trailers.

The new Collections view looks almost entirely like the details view, the one difference being that the More From X row has been replaced with a row showing all movies in a collection (and moved to the top).

Now Playing
Basically the only thing new about the now playing screen is that chapters are now under the info panel. Didn’t forget about you, Mr Lucas!

Playlists now utilize a split view, three big ol’ buttons to play all movies, shuffle movies, and enable Movie Night (more on that in a sec). Movies are now in a list for easier glancing.

Movie Night
As mentioned in my previous update, Movie Night is a special mode in Infuse 7 that, when activated, does three things:

  1. First, it plays a set amount of trailers prior to starting the playlist. That amount can be configured via Settings.
  2. Second, it will automatically add intermissions between movies—time to use the bathroom, get snacks, whatever. Intermission length can be adjusted, or turned off entirely, via Settings.
  3. Finally, with the upcoming HomeKit support, it will automatically dim and un-dim your lights for you.

To-Do List

  • Bring back the old Favorites UI (so that non-Plex users can access content not covered by the tab bar)
  • Reduce padding around Home tab
  • Polish everything up
  • iOS/iPadOS redesign? macOS concept?
  • Try not to turn Infuse into just an Apple TV clone

As per usual, I’m always open to feedback/comments!


I like your idea, as I have posted before, but they suggested you move it to the lounge so this thread will die. No “foot traffic” in this area.

Not sure why they arbitrarily consider your GUI suggestions, anything other than a suggestion and include it in the appropriate forum.

Hi, i like some of this but its a major redesign and personally like the way infuse is right now…my comments where just about the home screen.

Luckily there are a number of apps available, so if it is as above post that nothing is taken onboard, we can vote with our feet.

Not sure what it is, but on iOS safari the end of every line of the original post is cropped off. Text is not wrapping correctly…

Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, incredible,…

I wish Infuse had this great design someday, then it would be the best player on the market!

I hope you take it into account and implement this new design, it would be a dream come true.

Thank you very much!

Eh, if that’s the case, I’m not too upset by it. I like the design, It’ll get eyes either here or in the original location, and the changes I’m making now are mostly minor so updates won’t be as frequent as they used to.

80% of these changes aren’t really major design shifts—they’re just bringing Infuse up to date with tvOS’s current design guidelines.

That’s odd! I’ll see if I can fix that when I get the chance.

Anyways, small update for today: I’ve shaven off some fat on the the Now Playing panel and, per a few requests on here, made speaker selection a bit easier. It’s a first draft, but it’s a bit less intrusive now (which I prefer). As always, feedback is welcome!

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I really like a lot of the changes suggested. While I really like infuse, it is very basic in terms of its content which I think could be improved. An example you clearly display in your movies avengers endgame concept. Having details like actors involved, critics ratings, and trailers or other content like music or interviews etc. would be an incredible addition to automatically be brought in through metadata, and then a means by which you can potentially select the actors names then it will bring up every movie you have that also stars that actor in your library.

Looks like is Infuse 7 is supposed to have a revised GUI. Hopefully some of you design queues will be incorporated!

Great work - would be an amazing UI upgrade! This would for sure bring a ton of new users to make the switch from Plex to Infuse. I’d even be willing to pay more $ for my Pro membership if Infuse had a better UI.

Guess who’s back from the dead! In light of the news of Infuse 7 having a brand new design, I decided to briefly reanimate this project by working on something I think many people would enjoy: an Up Next experience which allows you to quickly start the next episode while the credits roll. (Since this kind of conflicts with the Up Next redesign I made a while ago for movies, I’ll be updating that as well.)

This is just a first draft, but I think it might a feature worth considering if any of these design changes are informing the team’s decision on where to take Infuse next. As always, feedback is welcome!


Like your other work it looks very nice. As long as the “hide plot for unwatched episodes” flag is respected, this would be great!

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This looks great! I hope it gets implemented sometime soon.

Nice, but needs to be optimized for ATV (no vertical screens…) :slightly_smiling_face:

Just little bump after UI “changes” in Infuse 7.

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Hi again everyone! I was hoping that Infuse 7 would see the app get a little better at displaying tv show metadata but apparently that wasn’t a priority. So I decided to take a crack at it and drop some ideas for a new tv show view!

This is just a quick mock-up so far, but it essentially moves the current season UI over to the actual tv show, since the large hero images and show details seem better suited at the show level. It also borrows the whole “Next Episode” branding from Plex, since I thought it would be good to give users a way to quickly pick up where they’ve left off. I also switched the season list to an actual list instead of a carousel, which should be more intuitive to navigate on a mobile device.

Again, I spent like an hour on this so it’s not as polished as I’d like it to be just yet. And once they’re done, I’ll upload mockups for macOS and tvOS as well. As always, feedback is welcomed, so let me know what you think!


There is definitely a lot more that could have been done with the “redesign.” So many little quality of life improvements are needed and would just love to have the interface be a little more “smart” than it is with better metadata pulling, smart playlists/recommendations based on watch data, etc. UI has slightly changed year over year but overall feels like UX and navigation is the same since like infuse 5.

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I have just checked Plex app on my AppleTV after a while and must ask about when Infuse will have any GUI change? Plex GUI is far far superior then Infuses. I love that left side panel where I can have my favorites and collection but not those ugly colored flag rectangles in Infuse.

Great effort, but I don’t like it. Too cluttered.

Hey all! If you want to see some more updates on these design concepts, feel free to check out my latest posts here: