Infuse 7 chit-chat

Okay, lets put some things together guys… first of all, I’d like to say I’m not a moderator, I’m not a Firecore employee or related to @james in any other way than as a translator of Infuse to PT-BR and, I’ve done it absolutelly free or charge, just as all other translators. Some of you must have seen me trying to help on the forums already.
So, about the errors/complaints on the 7.0 version: EVERYTHING that arrives early on App Store or any other digital platform (even on physycal media actually) comes up with some errors. If the developers choose to completely debug the system befote launch, users will probably start complaining for anxiety issues. I guess everyone remember about “Windows Longhorn” and stuff like that. So, the NATURAL way of things happenning is the compromisse between the developer and the system’s/app’s health. And this is not only an active path, once the developer’s depends on complains AND ideas to put it all together and make the product better/more satisfying. About this, I guess we all know how compromissed Firecore is with Infuse. I have Infuse Pro 6 and it just got updated AFTER INFUSE 7.0 WAS LAUNCHED.
Besides, we had NO IDEA how Infuse 7.0 would fit on AppleTV, because there were NO BETA TESTS of Infuse 7 on TVOs. Still, there are some simple bugs on it but, there are NO ANORMAL BEHAVIOURS on the app, wich is quite much for a brand new app.
Point 3: The (same) visual. The huge fanart covering the whole screen and the “difficulty” on scrolling down to select episodes…. I guess it applies the same rule as above: it will be fixed. Soon. We can take “The Witcher III” game (from the same developer enterprised that came by with “Cyberpunk 2077”) as an example, wich came out with many bugs and, with a serious job and compromisse, it happenned to be aclaimed as GoTy (Game of the Year), being one of the most formidable games ever and even a Netflix series - that you can watch on your Infuse app :wink:
So, the word here is COMPROMISSE. And James has never omitted himself or became faulty on support.
Want an infuse 7 pro standalone? Nice, just go with the lifetime subscription and turn off the apps auto-update on ATV before Infuse 8 comes out.
I know there are many of us staying home more than we wanted to. I know this “pandemic times” makes us more anxious and nervous. I know this is not the time to put money on something we are uncertain about. I know we’d all love if the apps lifetime subscription costs were 5 bucks. I know those are hard times. And I know Firecore is not a huge enterprise too.
So, let’s keep our heads up, decide if James deserves or not our trust based on what he has been doing and make our best decision instead of putting bad words/bad thoughts.
I’m short on money. I’m no tibetan monk. I’m inserted in the same world as all of you. And I’m pretty sure James/Firecore wants more users, not less, so, IDEAS will be heard, this is certain. Being counterproductive will only slow down things.
Sorry for the looong text. :wink:

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Ugh, releasing an app for a platform noone tested on is very concerning…

Nice post - but seriously flawed and even longer than mine lol. James DOESNT LISTEN - and doesn’t learn ! He got so upset with me last week he blocked me and accused me of using abusives language which I did not. Childish beyond imagination. There is no excuse whatsoever for this mess of a release - snd I’m only interested in ATV here NOTHING ELSE ! The BEtA testers themselves admitted that they had reported it was NOT ready for release - yes life is TOUGH at the moment - I’ve been isolating for 12 months now - and I did not need this unmitigated disaster of a release messing my TV life up ! A LOT of us are angry - and rightly so - let’s see if James does learn …… maybe starting with listening to his beta testers.

I don’t think God got involved in this !

I understand your concerns and I really appreciate your time and, I’m obviously not advocating for James… actually, I’m pretty sure James does not get pressed only by beta-testers but, by other people inside Firecore. So, as beta-testers, we cannot give the “order” of when is the right time for releasing the app; we don’t even get paid for this. James must respond to the results of infuse’s approval/disaproval anyway. I’ll stay on Firecore 6 Pro (at least for now), due to my financial condition. And it fits me real good. But I have the non-paid infuse 7 installed to compare app’s changes and improvements. Maybe someday i’ll upgrade to infuse 7. Maybe not. All I can do for now is try to hep users here on the forum with my little knowledge on infuse 6. And hope everything goes well.

Oh c’mmon, where is your faith? He gave u the free will to choose downloading Infuse or not. Lol.
Just kidding, what I’m trying to say is: if you think Infuse is for you or if you think it’s not, either way you are correct :wink:

Something else you should realise - that when people spend a few thousand dollars and more ! on their media servers they become reliant on the tried and tested system that makes it all work - when that app fails to do what it should do it renders the system annoyingly useless - I am NOT the only one running up to 40TB with 4,000 + movies and 1,500 + TV Series. So no mate, we are NOT free to go elsewhere and use another app …… James needs to understand his responsibility to power users who have invested around his app !

I have the exact same library size as you and, believe it or not, ALL of my library’s metadata is stored locally so, i REALLY understand what you’re saying.
As a matter of fact, since Infuse becomes the only way to run your/our library, we have no other option than using it… what doesn’t make us “slaves”, since we were the ones who decided to put money and effort on building up our servers, Firecore had nothing to do it and, we have alternatives as Plex and other apps. The case is: we DO like Infuse. And that makes us unhappy. We’d like it to be exactly how we designed it on our minds. But all we can do is come up with ideas and ask James to put them all up together. This is my point; we are ALL on the same side… but James is ONE. This is exactly how I became a translator for Infuse.

I’m going to bed now - maybe I’ll try and pray for James - God help us all !

Keep up with the good humor bro! I’m pretty sure you will be soon laying on yr bed with a fantastic solution to your media server. Just like I’ll be with mine. And I hope Infuse will be the solution. But all we can do for now is pray for this to become reallity soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wrong - INFUSE was the ONLY reason I have spent money on 6 ATV’s and a boosted WD4100 - I looked All other apps before investing - Infuse worked and gave me what I wanted ! If is wasn’t for Infuse I wouldn’t have bought anything and just stuck with Netflix

I’ve been through 3 incarnations - but this is the crappiest one yet IMHO - nite xxx

Then it seems Infuse IS a good solution. What’s wrong then? (Totally sincere question)

You sure you don’t work for James :joy:

Infuse WAS a good solution before this - now stop it before I blow an infuse

Hahahaah take care dude, thanks for chatting, hope we get to a solution soon, I’m as interested as you are! :pray:

Have a good night!

If I do, he’s been a bad, bad boss. Didn’t get my paychecks! LOL

Seriously, I’d really like to know how could the app fits you better; as I said, we’re just users, so, what goes better for you, comes better for me too.

I have complains about infuse, of course I do. We could exchange experience and make this Forum better. Not only to help Firecore and ita users but, to inspire others to make a better app/alternative in case Firecore abandon us, got it?

All I’m trying to say is: we must put efforts together to make anything happen. Every solution that does not listen to IDEAS, becomes obsolete. Infuse was created on inspiration and survived feeding on ideas. This is all I’m trying to state in here. And since there are no alternatives, I really do want it to work as expected. Not only for me, but for all of us.

Not true. We had a beta test of V7 for aTV. Even multiple versions (3 or 4 if I remember correctly).

Seriously mate - I wouldn’t admit to that if I was you :joy:

Mind you someone HAS spent a lot of time designing a number “7” instead of fixing the issues - I’m impressed - it’s made a world of difference to my Media Server - I even called my wife in to look at it ! Well done James - keep it up.