Infuse 7 black screen iOS 14.5.1


7 black screen iOS 14.5.1

Now when I started Infuse the screen is in black about 15s and then it shows the information.

It was always instant.

Open the application and content appeared.

Now black screen 15s

Maybe submit the diagnostics and post the code here?

I prefer you to focus on solutioning “Recently added?

I just finished my subscription. The five I was waiting to see 7 before I paid again.

Because I have the pro of earlier versions.

But I have paid it, and we still do not show “Recently added.”

PD: I use a translator app

DiagnĂłsticos: PMNMJ

Couldn’t see your video. Says codec problems.

It’s very simple. I’ve sent a ticket from the app.

Where I say what happens and send the code plus the video.

DiagnĂłsticos: PMNMJ

It’s a mov-format iPhone reads it by any cell phone :sweat_smile:

MP4 tris ok?

You changed your post so I had to change my response so it’s all good that you have posted your 5 digit code.

I dont’ use a cell phone to read the forum, I’m on a web browser and desktop and it can’t read the video due to the codec. Sorry.

Yup. Have you done a restart on your phone to see if that may help?

Why send the code by mail to see if they can fix it there.

Yeah, this doesn’t happen in Infuse 5 Pro Infuse 4 Pro.

I infused 6 for subscription same iPhone and IOS version.

I’m beta test of many less Infuse applications.

I signed up but they couldn’t support MacOS Catalina when no one had Big Sur installed :sweat_smile: amazing.

And since I’m a lot not installing Big South is optimized for m1 and with intel are conversions.

When you give Catalina, I will help with my knowledge, you show so much I can’t help.

PD: Installa VLC in any SO can sail and see any file, it’s advice.

Another problem is not reproduced fluid films are going to jump for image and audio.

On the iPhone the V7 doesn’t work!

Version 6 worked properly.

I’d like to go back to 6.

How can I go back to version 6?

I have deleted Infuse 7Pro but I cannot install Infuse 6Pro I have to pay again!


Yesterday I had it and paid for one more year and today I can’t install Infuse 6PRO!

I have beta 7.0.1 installed and it does the same slow start:

40 seconds Infuse 7Pro.
2 seconds Infuse 6Pro
2 Second Infuse 5Pro


The films do not see video fluids and uploaded Infuse 7Pro 7.0.1 (3612)

I mean, I change the message here so it’s fine for you.

Did you also update to iOS 14.5.1? Apparently there are reports of some users experiencing major slow downs across the OS.

The problem is definitely with the new update. Infuse 6 was snappier for me. I also get the same blank black screen Everytime I open up infuse 7 on ipad or iphone then the media shows up after 30s to a minute. It’s annoying but I like the new interface better.