Infuse 7 audio and video desync on ios

I use a sftp server like a mediaservet with infuse. When it tries to create a buffer and temporarily pauses the video, the audio keeps playing and creates a desync between the audio and video where the audio is a head.

To fix it, I have to skip 10 seconds and then go back 10 seconds to land where I just was without a desync, unless it has to again create a buffer in which case it will do it all over again.

What can I do to fix it or will there be an update to fix this issue?

What version of Infuse and what device are you using it on and what OS is it on?

I use infuse 7 pro on version 7.4.7 and I use it on a iphone 11 with ios 16.1.

I have fixed the problem by changing the de-interlacing option under advanced options to automatic. You can find it by opening a video and clicking on settings. There on the bottem is the option.

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