Infuse 7 Apple TV - slow buffering to start

I’ve noticed on Infuse 7 on ATV4K I’m seeing a lot of buffering before a file will start to play. It’s a good 10 seconds or so, whereas with Infuse 6 it’s near instant playback. Files streaming from WD Nas, nothing funky about the files, regular h264/AAC.

I noticed a lag in starting a video too in V6 where you normally wouldn’t get any pause I’d get the wagon wheel loading icon and like you 10 to 20 seconds of that then the video would start.

I found that if you restart the ATV the problem will go away for a while and then a few days to a week later it’d start again. Again, a restart of the ATV would fix it.

I wonder if one of Apples last tvOS updates hosed something causing a slow memory leak.

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