Infuse 7.8 - Play Version

We’re very happy to announce the release of Infuse 7.8! :raised_hands:

Play version for Emby and Jellyfin

Emby and Jellyfin users now have the ability to choose a specific version when beginning playback. This allows for optimized playback based on device and network conditions, if multiple versions of a video are present on the server.

Automatic version selection

Along with the ability to choose a version to play, there are new options which allow the best version to be selected, automatically. This can be handled by Infuse based on your device type (EG play a 4K version on Apple TV 4K, 1080p on Apple TV HD, etc…) or you can set manual preferences to always choose the highest or lowest quality video. This new setting applies to videos with multiple versions streamed from Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex servers.

Other minor improvements and fixes

A handful of other improvements are included so be sure to check out the full list of what’s new.

Release Notes



  • Minor visual improvements for sorting menus


  • Fixed InfuseSync installation and settings issues
  • Fixed issues where InfuseSync may be required in Direct Mode
  • Minor UI fixes on Mac
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Infuse 8 coming this fall! :tada:

Work on the next major release is underway, and Infuse 8 will be released this fall. Infuse 8 will feature many exciting changes, including: a native app for Apple Vision Pro, a new modular home screen designed for speed, refreshed app designs on all platforms, optimizations for the latest Apple software/devices, and many other under-the-hood improvements to ensure Infuse continues to provide the absolute best possible playback experience for all your videos.

Infuse 8 (including the new app for Apple Vision Pro) will be a free automatic upgrade for all current Infuse 7 users. A single Infuse Pro subscription will be usable across all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Vision Pro) and can be shared via Family Sharing.

Note: If you’re still using an older legacy version of Infuse you can get a free year of Infuse Pro (and lock in the lowest possible price) when upgrading to Infuse 7.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions—so please feel free to continue the conversation below.

Thanks for using Infuse! :orange_heart:


@james I like the look of Infuse 8 player, similar to the native Apple TV player. It’s a shame you didn’t post images of the refresh app designs.

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James, thank you and your team for a great app. Using infuse is a pleasure and a unique experience among all the many software players that I have had to deal with over the many years of my passion for watching films.
Visiting the technical support forum is always very interesting and useful. Read about new upcoming features. About the improvements already implemented. Make suggestions for desired improvements.Probably no one else has such positive interaction between users and creators of the application.

If possible, one small question. If I understand correctly, infuse 7.8 is the latest release of version 7? Will the next release be infuse 8.0 ? :smiley:
Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

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We’ll be sharing more previews as things get closer to release. :slight_smile:

Correct. The next release with new features will be 8.0. There could be a few small bug fixing releases between now and then.

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When do you think we’ll get to beta test it?

Beta testing will likely begin in July.


Quick question, will the 8 be a seperate app or an upgrade?

Answered in the first post, :wink:

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Absolutely love Infuse across all of my Apple devices, and excited to hear about a native version for the Vision Pro. Thank you for your work on this app; the current version is excellent, and I’m excited to see what version 8 brings.

I just updated to 7.8 on TvOS and MacOS and I turned on the Ask play feature when streaming from my Jellyfin server but it never asks me which version to play.

I have both 2160p and 1080p versions in the same directory. Name the same thing like MyMovie - 1080p.mkv and MyMovie - 2160p.mkv

If this is the wrong channel let me know and I’ll move it…

Am I missing something? Thanks.

You may check to ensure the versions have been grouped together in Jellyfin. When grouped, you will see a ‘Version’ entry with a dropdown list when viewing the details page on the Jellyfin server. Some more info on this can be found in this guide on the Jellyfin site.

Also, if you are using Jellyfin in Library Mode, you will need to use the Refresh option in Infuse for a specific item (or Clear All Metadata in Settings to update all items) before the multiple versions will be available.

Lastly, if you have previously selected a version for a specific title and now want to select a different version you can long-press the Play button in Infuse.

Thanks…checked everything on the server and the Versions show up…
I am using Jellyfin (Direct Mode) on my Mac and just refreshed the cache.

When I delete the Jellyfin entry and start over, I add all the information and make sure DIrect Mode is unchecked.

But now I don’t see the movies/collections/etc… and it says “0 movies 0 Shows…”

Ok refreshing the cache seems to have fixed the selection issue, but how do I add my “Movies” and “Collections” and “Shows” sections from Jellyfin to the home page?

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Will it be possible to fix this bug in these fixes before the release of infuse 8.0? :slight_smile:

Is the logo still visible in direct mode with this release?

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