Infuse 7.7 - Direct Mode

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@james Is the feature to automatically import library icon artwork still planned? Just because I don’t see it in your “upcoming features”.


It is really a great feature as I was not able to use infuse due to cache issue as my library is too big and metadata took lot of space on my Apple TV. So I am really happy.

I dont want to share all libraries with infuse. I only want content of certain libraries in infuse as rest of the stuff I keep private. I tried the method you describe in erarlier post to unpin the library in Plex but still not able to resolve.

Fully released and still can’t even sort by Release Date in Direct Mode???

they really need to take the sorting out of settings and putting it at the top of the grid view.


I just want it to work, honestly. But yeah, there’s better places for it for sure

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Is there any option to sync PLEX libraries and related data with a specific user instead of main owner.

Is Plex’ On Deck not available in Direct Mode? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Plex got rid of ‘On Deck’ years ago. Everything is now part of ‘Continue Watching’ which will appear as part of the ‘Up Next’ list in Infuse.


I think it’s not possible to sync PLEXD libraries and related data with specific user instead of main owner. It will help to control authorisation of certain libraries.
James can you confirm me the same and is there any plan for this in future.

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