Infuse 7.7.6 now available

Infuse 7.7.6 is now available! :clap:



  • Improved error message when opening unavailable items
  • Improvements for upcoming Google Drive account permission changes



Sorting TV Shows by “date played” is not working with my Emby server in Direct Mode - they just display in alphabetical order. All the other sorting options seem to be working fine.

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Hi @james,

am I crazy or does this update also allows us to continue playback across seasons (from the “Now Watching” section) - see this suggestion?
Maybe @yatesfox, you can also try that out, since you was in the discussion as well.

EDIT: Maybe it’s related to the point
Fixed missing seasons when opening series from Apple TV home screen?

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I hope you’re all doing well. I recently heard rumors that a new version of your software is coming soon. Is it true that this version will have a new user interface? I would also be very interested to know whether the automatic relay change will be included in the new version. If so, I’m extremely excited about it - excited as a sheet! Another question I have is about viewing the series episodes. Will this feature also be available in the new version? Thank you in advance for your response and the great work you are doing. Best regards, [Wyne]:popcorn::movie_camera::heart:

I was glad to see the season selector had appearedon tv series in the watching list in the 7.7.6 update as already mentioned in this thread.

Unfortunately it appears to have been removed in the 7.7.7 update. Please bring it back!