Infuse 7.7.5 now available

Infuse 7.7.5 is now available! :clap:



  • Improved handling of Plex collections
  • Updated Watching/Watchlist icon


*Note: ‘Smart Folders’ is a feature in Infuse that allow a folder to be ‘flattened’ and displayed as a playable item instead of a regular folder. This can be useful if movie titles are organized into individual folders with video, artwork, metadata, and subtitles files inside. Learn more


Ok… maybe in 2025 we will reach direct mode 1.0. So far this is a beta release as far as sorting and direct mode is concerned. I wonder when we will get sorting for emby and when will we get rid of that background in direct mode…

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This update adds sorting options for Plex, and this will be extended to Emby & Jellyfin in the next update. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate all that you’re doing, James, but at this rate it will be too little too late. I hope not, just to be clear, but I fear it will be.

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hoping there are still improvements to come with collections in plex direct mode.
yes they are now displayed correctly in the movie list, but when viewing the collection itself it displays the first unwatched movie or the first movie (if no unplayed movies).

this is not expected behaviour, and not how i would want collections to be viewed.
make it so it replicates how collections are displayed in plex.

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If you prefer a normal grid view for collections (which is probably more useful if these are larger collections) you can disable the ‘Details View’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Collections & Groups.

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In this current version, If I choose to view my main library by List, it works perfectly but doesn’t apply to the movie folders.

So happy for this! TY!!

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Everything works perfectly for me with Infuse and pCloud. I think it’s great that there is integration with emby and plex, but I don’t understand why you don’t just use one of them? (Infuse is enough :sweat_smile::rofl:) Infuse has been running for me for over a year without any problems. The only thing I noticed is that the automatic switch to the next season of a series doesn’t happen when a season ends. You have to manually switch to the next season, which doesn’t particularly bother me but would still be cool if it happened automatically. Is there a way to change this or am I doing something wrong? That’s not a complaint!:heart:

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Oh - that particularly bothers me! What’s worse is when you are watching a current-season and are up to date, and a week passes and a new episode should show up under ‘Home’ and never does…

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Having this new sort option for Plex is very nice but why not bring it to the Infuse library itself ?


I’m only guessing here but I imagine things like that will be targeted in V8 which is planned to have a UI refresh. V8 is slated to commence mid this year so hopefully the next month or two.

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I can’t wait to see what the new UI will be like…

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Thank you for your work, when will Philips Hue sync support be available?

You can follow that in this thread.

you talking HomeKit automations?