Infuse 7.7.4 now available

Hi James.
infuse is not a cross-platform solution like Plex or VLC, etc. But a player on the Apple platform.
Support for DV 8.1 and Atmos Spatial appeared 5 months after the release of the iPhone 15 Pro and tvOS 17. AV1 is relevant only for owners of the latest iPhones and Macs. Atmos Spatial for AirPods.
After all, in the Apple product line, the main device for watching movies is the Apple TV 4K. He manages home theater systems with projectors, televisions, and good audio systems.
And for all 5-6 months, the direct mode was being developed. And it continues now. For about 8 months now, the main focus has been on the development of direct mode functions and Plex/Emby servers. And many people have already noticed this and are telling you about it.
I would like you not to forget about the basic functions, such as file playback. After all, this is the main function of the video player. For example, a bug with the playback of .m2ts files over WebDAV/FTP network protocols, which I wrote to you about on March 13. Or, correcting the HDR to SDR tonemapping. This is also the fundamental function of the video player.

And in terms of comfort, design, simplicity and functionality, infuse is already the best player on the Apple platform. All other solutions are very far from it. So I sit down to watch a movie. The infuse design is beautiful and comfortable, everything is fine. But, I can’t watch a movie because there’s a bug. I can’t watch a movie from my Synology NAS while I’m at a different address. And, impressions of cool design, etc. are lost.
Please, pay more attention to the basic functions of the video player. I hope for your understanding. Thanks.