Infuse 7.7.4 now available

Infuse 7.7.4 is now available! :muscle:



  • Improved default file associations (macOS)


*Note: Supports Dolby Atmos in E-AC3 audio tracks.


Updates are always welcome, but it seems that recently (and in the future) almost everything revolves around Plex, Jellyfin, Emby and Direct Mode.
In my case, where I don’t use any kind of server but share via SMB or webDAV, it seems that Infuse has stagnated.
I really wish that features like movie extras, replacing the white title with the logo or a new UI had as much attention as the servers and direct mode have had recently and will continue to have.
That being said, in terms of media player, Infuse is, without a doubt, the king.


I can appreciate that. Everyone of course has their list of favorites things they’d like to see added, and we try to maintain a balance to include a little bit of everything in each update.

Aside from Direct Mode additions, recent updates have also included expanded support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, hardware decoding of AV1, playback core enhancements, streaming improvements, plus a handful of quality of life additions like custom seek times, add/remove from Watching, and others.

The Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos changes in particular were fairly large, and these put Infuse in a unique place as it is now the only app for Apple devices to fully support these newer modern formats.

With that said, we have a fair number of design changes slated for the 8.0 release, which includes an updated modular Home Screen which is designed to work better with how many people are currently using Infuse, as well as design refreshes in a variety of other areas. Other things will also likely it into the 8.0 release, and we’ll share more info on these as we get closer to the release date.


James, if you don’t mind I’d like to suggest auto-refreshing using a background thread when dealing with Plex (or any other media server for that matter) so that you no longer have to manually refresh. Not sure if you are writing Infuse in SwiftUI or UIKit, but if you use GCD to dispatch to a background thread when a user finishes watching a show/movie, or bring the app to the foreground (including out of screen saver mode), this could really enhance the experience and make it for more like a “native” Plex client.

Additionally, adding how many shows are unwatched as a banner where you now have the orange overlay would be great.

And of course, still looking forward to the next version to get the sorting options so many of us were hoping to see in this release. Being able to select TV Shows and have it only show me my unwatched shows would be super helpful, as well as being able to select unwatched movies, or showing me all movies from a certain genre.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your reply @james.
It’s good to know that exciting things are on the way with version 8.0.

Hi James.
infuse is not a cross-platform solution like Plex or VLC, etc. But a player on the Apple platform.
Support for DV 8.1 and Atmos Spatial appeared 5 months after the release of the iPhone 15 Pro and tvOS 17. AV1 is relevant only for owners of the latest iPhones and Macs. Atmos Spatial for AirPods.
After all, in the Apple product line, the main device for watching movies is the Apple TV 4K. He manages home theater systems with projectors, televisions, and good audio systems.
And for all 5-6 months, the direct mode was being developed. And it continues now. For about 8 months now, the main focus has been on the development of direct mode functions and Plex/Emby servers. And many people have already noticed this and are telling you about it.
I would like you not to forget about the basic functions, such as file playback. After all, this is the main function of the video player. For example, a bug with the playback of .m2ts files over WebDAV/FTP network protocols, which I wrote to you about on March 13. Or, correcting the HDR to SDR tonemapping. This is also the fundamental function of the video player.

And in terms of comfort, design, simplicity and functionality, infuse is already the best player on the Apple platform. All other solutions are very far from it. So I sit down to watch a movie. The infuse design is beautiful and comfortable, everything is fine. But, I can’t watch a movie because there’s a bug. I can’t watch a movie from my Synology NAS while I’m at a different address. And, impressions of cool design, etc. are lost.
Please, pay more attention to the basic functions of the video player. I hope for your understanding. Thanks.


I use direct mode to connect to my Plex server but can’t find this option anywhere: Hide Library tab when using Direct Mode only.

Where can I enable this?

Thank you so much, I appreciate your fast reaction to fix the sort order issue with Jellyfin.

how exactly ? couldn’t figure it out
I have a smart collection for animated movies that i want to add to favorites “not pin to homescreen”. I couldn’t find a way to do that. I can only add Libraries from Plex as favorite

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I don’t understand how the collections are supposed to work.
Direct mode.
When I see the collection in the movies list and I tap it (My server > Movies > Iron Man Collection), it lists the items in that collection underneath the crew which is normal.

But if tap the individual movie and not the collection (My server > Movies > Iron Man 1), it’s not showing the items that belongs to the same collection like Plex does, and instead show a list of movies (which I can have in the previous view before tapping, so I don’t get the purpose of displaying this).

Can this behaviour be fixed to be more in line with what Plex does? A lot of us rely on “invisible” collections to link content together. By invisible I mean those collections do not appear visible with the rest of the items, but are heuristically brought forward when browsing individual items. I believe on Plex it’s the setting Collection Mode: Hide this collection but show its items.

For example I have a Planet Collection that links everything together, and I’d like to see that collection content underneath my show page so I can jump from one title to the next without having to make sure I enter the collection through a visible collection in the first place.

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This release is great - Direct Mode meets all my use cases now with the sort order fixed and works exactly as expected. Jellyfin is the core of my media/home entertainment center and I appreciate being able to use Infuse as a frontend player, well worth the lifetime purchase!

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Are you using Infuse with ATV?