Infuse 7.7.2 now available

There is a bug where unavailable items (EG those linked to streaming services) may appear with a pulsing gray icon in some views. If you are seeing this, it may indicate the Watchlist has streaming-only titles (EG ‘On Plex’, Apple TV+, etc…) inside.

Are you using Library or Direct Mode for this Plex server?

The Plex Watchlist is only available when use Direct Mode, and would be listed under the dedicated section of lists for the Plex server. This list is separate from the Library list section, which is used for Infuse’s local library items.

These are not part of 7.7.2 but both are in progress for 7.7.3.

The option added in 7.7.2 allows you to manually add/remove items from Infuse’s ‘Watching’ list. This is similar to Plex’s ‘Continue Watching’ list, and is available for shares which are using Library Mode. In essence, it lets you queue up items to watch later so they are easily accessible from the Apple TV Home Screen, or remove them (without having to mark things as watched).

Support for Emby multi version is one of the next things we are working to add.

This is in progress for 7.7.3.

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