Infuse 7.7.2 now available

Infuse 7.7.2 is now available! :rocket:




*This update includes expanded support for Dolby Vision (Profile 8). This includes support for files which include CMv4.0 metadata, and samples which were previously playing with a black screen, falling back HDR, or exhibiting other various playback issues.

The highest level of Dolby Vision (Profile 8) support will be on the 2022 ATV 4K running tvOS 17+. We are working to bring additional support to older devices, but this will likely always be a step down from what the 2022 model (and any future models) will be able to support.


Incase it is not an obvious thing, if you have a “Hybrid” movie rip file that is both Dolby Vision (DV) and HDR10+, if you own a Samsung TV (do not support DV), in this release, you need to go into settings of Infuse, and turn OFF the Dolby Vision setting.

Previously, this was called Extended Dolby Vision, and I had it enabled, and my TV would engage HDR10+ mode fine with such files, but, this new release, the changes they made for DV support made it so that need to disable this setting, if enabled, Samsung tv reverts to standard HDR (not even HDR10) mode.


I don’t think I will ever fully understand Dolby Vision. Can you explain what this CMv4.0 metadata is and why it is better now?

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Here are some details on CMv2.9. vs CMv4.0. In short 4.0 is newer and better but 2.9 is generally on UHD blu-ray while 4.0 is more likely to be found on streaming.


Thanks so much for this! It makes a huge difference for usability in Direct Mode. This mode is becoming really great.

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So I should tickle Dolby Vision(so to say enabled) if I wanna watch DV videos, right?

Err… tickle? :slight_smile:

  • Skip intro for Emby

What about Jellyfin?

Jellyfin is tentatively planning to add a skip intro feature in the upcoming 10.9 release, and once this is available we plan to add support for it.


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I mean, tick, lmao.

I noticed that the Dolby Vision option in the settings has changed. Now only the option to set DV to On or Off appears instead of Auto, Limited and Off.

That is correct. The documentation has been updated to reflect this change.

Dolby Vision (applies to Profile 8 only)
On - Enable Dolby Vision playback
Off - Disable Dolby Vision playback and play Dolby Vision files in HDR

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Thanks for adding support for Plex’s Watchlist.

How do I view the entire Watchlist on the Apple TV? Currently, it only shows a few entries and I’m unable to side scroll continuously through my entire Watchlist?

Also, I am seeing some weird behaviour with the Watchlist. On my Mac running Sonoma, there are several blank posters in the Watchlist. However, in Plex there are no corresponding items there so these seem to be phantom or false entries.

Is there a way to remove these?

Infuse will only be able to access Watchlist items which are present in your local library. It will not be able to access titles which are part of Plex’s streaming service.

I’m having this specific problem, all my Watchlist Movies and Shows are apart from my library, in Iphone and Mac, i can see “See All”, but in AppleTV 4K i can see it.

Thank you.

I can’t find my Plex Watchlist in infuse, nor can I add a movie through infuse. There is no new button anywhere. Neither in long press nor in the details.
Every movie in watchlist is local.

After updating to Infuse 7.7.2 the Plex Watchlist will appear on the Home Screen.

If this doesn’t appear automatically, you may try adding the Watchlist manually by tapping the Lists icon in the upper right corner of the Home Screen.

The Watchlist will only appear if it has items from your local Plex library in it, and the ability to add/remove these via Infuse will be available in a future update.

Infuse is updated to 7.7.2 but there is no watchlist, no add to watchlist, nothing…