Infuse 7.6 - Aliyun Drive

Unfortunately, the Apple TV does not feature a web browser which is required to log into individual cloud services. This means cloud services can only be added on iPhone, iPad, or Mac and will then sync to the Apple TV via iCloud. In order for this to happen, you would need to use the same iCloud account on all devices. Some general info on iCloud Sync in Infuse can be found here

However, Apple does allow you to use different Apple IDs for iCloud and the App Store on the same device which may allow you to achieve what you are after.

Also, you should be able to switch the main iCloud account on the Apple TV after the Aliyun Drive has synced over from iPhone/iPad/Mac. The one downside here is that if the Aliyun Drive account is accidentally removed from the Apple TV, you would need to switch the account back in order to re-add it.

Additionally, purchases can also be shared between Apple IDs (and App Store regions) by logging into the same Trakt account on all devices. More info on the steps for doing this can be found in this guide.