Infuse 7.5 - Trailers & Smart Groups

Are both files identified correctly as the movie 2012 per the displayed TMDB derived metadata?

Yes, both files are correctly identified as the movie 2012 with the correct metadata.

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all this garbage trailers you guys could use the time for more important things like chapters, the way you chapters works is ridiculous, i wont renew my sub again this year I’m tired of waiting

Personally, Fixing the watched indicators instead of unwatched indicators is way more useful than having trailers. But that’s just me…


Do the Smart Groups work for TV shows as well? Because I can, it worked well for Movies, but I still can’t see this on TV shows. Can someone check this and clarify? Thank you!

Hi @james
When I play a Dolby Vision file my TV would display a Dolby Vision symbol for 2 seconds or so.
Now with the last versions of Infuse there was a bug, that caused not Dolby Vision files to appear as Dolby Vision files (see here), so my TV showed the Dolby Vision symbol even for not Dolby Vision files.
Is this fixed now? My point is, with 7.5 can I be sure that this is real Dolby Vision now, when my TV shows this?

No it does not work at this time

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Do you pull trailer info from TMDB as well?

I have found the trailers for TV shows typically shows the trailer for the overall show (I know you can long press to see others), I think a good upcoming feature would be to at the very least show the trailer for that season or even better, the preview trailer for that very episode would be amazing.

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Have been dying for this feature and was hoping it would also work for TV shows, sad to see it is only for movies at this stage; hopefully a future feature to add it to TV shows too…

When will this be updated in the macOS app store? Would love to update it on my M2 Mac Mini.

Hi James

Thank you for your fast reply.

Unfortunately, Search is still not working. It is actually worse than before the latest update.

This was the most important thing about this update for me personally.

Please fix fast :-).

Trailer and Smart Group is really working well. Just one thing: When you do have multiple choice (1+ items), you can not reorder the file in Playlists, like you can with only 1 item.

Kind regards.

Jens, Copenhagen

Easy now. Different People, different needs.

The best overall Player is to have a well integrated Media Center, which is smooth (fast), stabile and pretty to look at (the Fancy Part).

For me personally, I prefer a little from all Worlds, with maybe Speed as a primarily wish (I have 10000+ Movies on 6 Synology Nas Servers).

Have a nice Day.

Jens, Copenhagen

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Well jens that’s not the worst of it - see my post as to what is broken in this release - and that’s after only 10 minutes of looking - I suspect he’s broken a lot more of it as well …… see my post ATV Broken


I updated infuse 7.5 on my iphone and apple tv, the “trailer” button shows on the apple tv but not on the iphone. Is this normal?? Is there a different option between the 2?

Regarding smart groups, I would like to know how it works exactly? I would like to put the series “it’s not rocket science” in “thematic listing”



Always appreciate the work that goes into updates. However, it could do with some refining…

The new Dolby seems to break some of my videos (However, not all DV videos. One particular DV video I just got a sound, with black screen - only worked again when I turned it off in settings completely).

Also, I really think trailers should be optional (maybe also a setting only to show the trailer button for unwatched videos - that would be perfect?). I use Infuse mostly with videos I’ve already watched, so the trailers button is just clutter for the most part, and Infuse looked a lot cleaner without it (the reason I use Infuse in the first place is that it looks clean/sleek compared to the Plex app).

As I said at the start of this comment - always appreciate the work you put in. Hopefully some of this stuff can be ironed out.

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Thank you for this nice update, but I had hoped that with this update it would be possible to automatically download a subtitle file, something that has been possible at Kodi for years, especially for the people who do not speak the English language this is necessary and very desired !!

I am on last Beta. Will the final automatic overwrite over the beta?

Hey James, is it normal that it doesn’t show the Names of the different Versions. It correctly groups the files together (for example theatrical and directors cut) but in infuse it doesn’t show the Info i’ve put in “Edition” Tab on my Plex Server.

Can you confirm you have Metadata Fetching enabled, and are browsing through the Library (not directly via folders).

7.5 adds Smart Groups for movies only, but TV shows could be added later if there is enough interest. You can follow this thread for updates.

Yes, the handling of DoVi is much improved in 7.5 so this should no longer happen. You can also adjust the Extended Dolby Vision option to fine-tune what happens with some DoVi files.

TMDB caches YouTube trailer URLs, but we’re not able to use those in Infuse due to technical/legal limitations.

We could potentially look into this, though I don’t think most series are going to have previews for every episode.

Would you mind replicating this issue, and then sending in a report from your device (you can PM me the 5 digit code) so we can look into this?

On iPhone, the Trailers option is found under the 3 dots menu on the details page, or by long-pressing the poster image in the file list. This was a design choice, as we felt having the Trailer button visible on the details page (like on iPad) took up an inordinate amount of space.

Unfortunately, this is not available for TV shows at this time. Sorry.

Would you be able to upload one of the problematic videos for us to review here?

Yes, you can simply download the new update from the App Store and it will overwrite the beta.

Plex editions are not supported 7.5, but you can follow this thread for updates.