Infuse 7.5 - Trailers & Smart Groups


Thanks for this release !

I seem to have an issue with trailers on iOS, I get no sound at all (I do get sound when playing videos).

iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.3.1, Plex server

No issue with trailers on Apple TV.

Please check to ensure your device is not on silent mode (red bell in Control Center).

That was it, thanks.

But why do I get sound in videos even if the phone is on silent mode ?

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Do you think there’s a way to change it so even when connected via plex it will show the options instead of long pressing the play button?

I seem to get the Dolby Vision message in the top right when starting playback, on files which do not have Dolby Vision. I don’t remember this in previous releases.

This is something we’re looking to improve.

Possibly. You can follow this thread for updates.

Infuse should only switch to DoVi for actual DoVi files. Are you sure this particular video is not a DoVi file?

Can you upload a sample for us to review?

Still no MacOS update available…

Sometimes updates take a bit to appear in all regions, but it should be available soon.

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Those of us who follow along here know how much work is behind this update. The collaboration with the users along the way has been impressive and exemplary.

This update means that Infuse reinforces its status as the best app in its genre.



Got an article on 9to5mac :grin::


@james, if possible, make this problem faster, pleeeease :slight_smile: - Playback issue with some .ts files

My wife has not been able to watch the movie for 3 months and starts acting on my brain :slight_smile:

Yeah, great, a button we will have to deal with every time, even though it is useful (maybe) once.
If I wanna watch a trailer, I go to IMDB and I can see trailers, teasers, etc…
Meanwhile, the TMDB mess isn’t resolved by letting us chose between TMDB and TVBD.
The features added today may be nice, but Firecore still has resounding silence about the TMDB mess. Apparently, the satisfaction of their customers isn’t a priority.

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Is it true, still no way to make an IPad Pro running Infuse to act as a server for apple TV?

Sorry, they were in fact DoVi files.


If anyone else is having issues (frozen video) when attempting to play Dolby Vision files after the update, you can fix it by turning off the “Extended Dolby Vision” option in settings.

Still getting this. Not sure why… it just doesn’t find my share anymore.

Infuse itself cannot currently act as a file server to serve other devices, but you may consider starting a thread in suggestions area to see if there are others who would like to see this added.

Would you be able to upload one of the problematic files for us to review?

Is this a new issue in 7.5? Probably best to submit a report from your device and open a support ticket so we can look into this.

So I have my Library on Plex and with the new version on my iPhone it is showing me the movies with editions correctly but on tvOS it does not work with the same Plex Server?
Am I missing something obvious here?

Tags are not currently available for files served from Plex, but we hope to add this in a future release. You can follow this thread for updates.

You misunderstood me here.
I have the {edition-TAG} in the filename and it is working on iOS like it should but not on tvOS.
Is there a Setting on tvOS I first have to enable?