Infuse 7.5 - Trailers & Smart Groups

A perfect way to finally group HD and SD versions together. It’s a shame it doesn’t work with TV shows.


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thanks for the new version ( been checking everyday for the past few weeks :slight_smile: )

Should the Smart group feature work while using Emby ?

I have for an example Ambulance (2022) -4k and Ambulance (2022) - 1080p in the same folder but it doesnt show in infuse


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Great Work James.

P.S There is no trailer for Dino-Riders (1988) :wink:

Congratulations to the Firecore team!
Infuse is worth every cent, keep up!


Smart groups w/ tags are currently available when using direct shares (SMB, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, and cloud services).

Multi-versions from Plex can be accessed by long-pressing the Play button.

Support for Emby/Jellyfin is planned, and you can follow this thread for updates.

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ok great


Hi Infuse

The indexing, actor, director and so forth, is destroyed. Search for example George Clooney and up comes a lot of empty folders with his name on it.

Furthermore, skip the 2, 3, 4 items under Movie Titles and keep the Release Year shown as before this Update.

Kind Regards.

Jens, Copenhagen


There are quite a few library updates in this release, so Infuse will need to update some things to get all the new goodies to appear.

You may check to ensure Infuse has completed its indexing. You an also trigger an update manually by tapping the ‘Scan for Changes’ option in Infuse > Settings > Library.

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Is there anyway to disable the new trailers feature?

I can get trailers for movies, as tipically you would see it once, maybe have several movies to watch and choose what to watch based on watching the trailers.

I don’t quite get it for tv shows. I’m watching a 11 season tv show, after 2-3 episodes I think this feature is irrelevant anymore, don’t quite understand why would I want to watch a trailer of a tv show I’ve watched for several episodes, and the button will be there for the next 11 seasons and won’t be used at all.


It’s not possible to hide the trailers button at this time. Sorry.

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Great new update, but i am using local metadata and i do not see the trailer button. Also the actors/producers of a movie are no more available.


Trailers will only be available when using online metadata.

You may consider enabling Metadata Fetching, and then continue to override details with your local/embedded info. After making this change, you will need to clear all metadata in order for Infuse to download the new details.

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Thanks for the fast response James.
I hope it could be a feature for future updates.


Great job infuse team, thx a lot!! :ok_hand:


Great update. Amazing job infuse team!



Thanks for this release !

I seem to have an issue with trailers on iOS, I get no sound at all (I do get sound when playing videos).

iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.3.1, Plex server

No issue with trailers on Apple TV.

Please check to ensure your device is not on silent mode (red bell in Control Center).

That was it, thanks.

But why do I get sound in videos even if the phone is on silent mode ?

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Do you think there’s a way to change it so even when connected via plex it will show the options instead of long pressing the play button?