Infuse 7.5 - Trailers & Smart Groups

Movie trailers are an art form unto themselves. Now that Infuse makes them readily available, I’ll be enjoying them prior to viewing the film. As Raymond Carver would say: a small, good thing.


New bug in the AppleTV version: can’t get all available movies by a particular actor upon search.


Can’t search for all movies by Cast & Crew any longer!


For the benefit of others considering updating, I am not experiencing any of the issues with search that you are having. My ATV updated automatically and I’ve been testing functionality.

ngl the new home screen is exactly what I don’t want: incredibly cluttered and annoying to navigate. I’m using it as a player for files on my NAS. I already know what’s new and what’s already on it. I don’t need, nor do I want, my player app nudging me. I just want to get to the file I want to playback.

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I have a movie/TV show that doesn’t have a trailer.
I would like to add a trailer to it.
I need to know where to get the trailer so I can add it.

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You can change what’s on the home screen and make it pretty much what you want. If you don’t want what new then delete that list.

You can turn off the up next and recently added on the top if you want and remove some of the items from the library sorts.

If you can’t figure it out, let us know specifically what you want to see and what you don’t and maybe we can get you pointed in the right direction.

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Noticed the same…

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As great as the new Trailer feature is, please add an option to hide Trailer button.

It distracts me from the main button there: “Play/Resume” and I won’t be using trailers at all.


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Article about the latest update on a popular german IT news website:

Alternativer Mediaplayer Infuse sortiert besser und zeigt Trailer | heise online

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Hopefully WON’T update MacOS version until the search by Cast indexing bug is fixed. The Apple TVOS and iOS Phone version updates destroys the search by cast feature. Cannot get a list of all indexed movies by Cast or Director search. Still working on the MacOS 7.4.10 version.


+1 … didn’t change after a few days so far

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Anyone else hitting “No trailer available for ‘XYZ’” errors :frowning:

Only for a few videos. Most work great.

Edit to add: There currently isn’t a trailer for the movie Inside 2023.

Was literally trying to play this exact movie and got the same error few minutes ago. Now I’m really wondering why the trailer provider don’t have one for this movie yet. Remember seeing the trailer weeks(maybe months) before it came out and was trending for a bit cause of Dafoe.

Hopefully local trailer will come soon. Almost 50% of my library are non-english and I can only find very few of them having a trailer.

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