Infuse 7.5.6 now available

Infuse 7.5.6 is now available! :raised_hands:




Yes, I just updated and the issue with jitter has been completely fixed. Here I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our technical team and all the friends who participated in the development and use of INFUSE! This is a major fix for me and I will use it perfectly in the future!


@james hi!
Any news about playback SDR files with incorrect timestamps on tvOS ?

We plan to extend this new logic (which was first added in 7.5) to SDR files as well, but don’t have an ETA for this just yet.

7.5.6 causes my Infuse to crash when playing a MKV with the following codec:

Codec: MPEG-H Part2/HEVC (H.265) (hevc)
Video resolution: 1920x1080
Color primaries: ITU-R BT.709
Codec: A/52 B Audio (aka E-AC3) (eac3)
Codec: SubStation Alpha subtitles (ssa )

Are you running the current version of tvOS (16.5)?

Can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

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I’m using tvOS 14.5 and same thing happens on iPadOS 15.0.

Are you able to update to the current version of tvOS and iPadOS (16.5)?

how can i install the update? Do I have to reinstall the app?

Should be available in the App Store under updates.

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