Infuse 7.5.3 now available

Infuse 7.5.3 is now available! :raised_hands:



  • Improved support for mixed language file names (EG 战争之王.Lord.of.War.2005.mkv)
  • Improved handling of regional languages and dialects (1, 2, 3)
  • Improvements for SMB streaming
  • Improved UI flow for deleting files



Thanks for the best of both worlds! :+1:


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Hi…with this new version, suddenly all of my metadata is displayed in English…even when I have chosen German in the settings. Only If I choose each file and open the metadata, choose again “German”, close it, then it changes… much work with over 3000 files…

Did you check in your settings under Language > Metadata and see what it’s set to with the new settings for metadata language?

my setting there is German. See the pictures
1 = Display In the library
2 = Detail when I choose the movie → English
3 = when open “search metadata” —> its correct in German
if I close it without choosing, everything stays in English. if I choose the German one, then its correct.

When you go to your Infuse settings here

What do you have here?

German…everything is in German. Until this version it was displayed correct.

I think its working now… I changed it to auto then again to German… now some of the titles are correct. I think it takes some time to reorganize…


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