Infuse 7.5.2 now available

You may see the prompt when playing certain video types. If you don’t see the prompt, then there is no need to worry as you are not missing out on any features.

This allows us to track licenses more efficiently which helps us minimize potential future price increases for Pro.

These will only appear when playing certain videos. No need to worry if you don’t see it.

If you’re using the same account on all devices (or Family Sharing) then you should only have to activate this on one device. The App Store can be a bit slow to update at times.


I was too quick then, I basically opened up all my devices and went for it so yeah that makes sense that I had to activate across the board, its not a problem.

What are the improvements specifically, im a bit of an audio nerd so would love to know!?

No actual changes for audio handling in 7.5.2, just more efficient tracking of activations.

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Good way to track usage for future license costs :+1:

We have similar tactics at my employer

Ahh ok, thanks for letting me know.

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I understand the desire to track usage for licence royalties, but it is a bit of a faff on an Apple TV. You have to grab another device or enter a password via the remote in order to “purchase”.


Yeah it’s definitely easier to approve via your phone whilst you have Infuse open on the ATV. May seem like a bit of a pain but it’s only going to happen twice I guess, once for Dolby and once for DTS. I was advised you only need to do it on one device and it should then avoid you having to do it on your others. Unfortunately I went ahead and went around my devices all quickly because I was excited it was going to bring new features, not just license flags hah! I think I did it 8 times in total.

Is there a way to disable the “move to recently deleted” option? I find that as frustrating as I do with photos on the iPhone and Mac. I end up having to go to those “recently deleted” folders and deleting immediately.

If I want to delete something, I want it deleted!

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Just been called into our living room by my 7 year old. “Dad, this has been happening a lot…”

Another prompt to activate DTS. I had already activated both DTS and Dolby as soon as the app updated to avoid this.

I go through the process again (including having to input my password, which my kids obviously don’t know), to be told “you’ve already bought this, watch it again for free”.

It looks like my kids just can’t watch anything with a DTS or Dolby soundtrack now unless I’m in the house to jump through the hoops. Incredible frustrating… we raised concerns about this with James in the beta thread over the last few days, and they were all dismissed.


I look forward to my wife watching her shows later :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s ok now, I know for me I had to do it on every single device, MacBook, two iPhones and two ATVs. James mentioned its probably to do with iCloud sync taking its time and I was maybe too quick, I didnt want to leave it to fate and someone else have to do it so I just did it on all devices.

This addresses a system bug where videos are ‘deleted’ and no longer visible, but the disk space is not actually freed up.

It’s not clear if/when this will be addressed by Apple, but there are no real workarounds for unlocking this disk space, which is why this change was made.

Understood; but Apple wasn’t actually deleting them, nor freeing up the space they used — and thus the reason this change was made to Infuse.

@James I was weeding my way through the posts, I recently got a 3rd Gen ATV to have the two most current versions 2021, and 2022. On a fresh infuse install on ATV setup, no prompts, and I have Pro lifetime, what type of file would I need to play to see if I get prompted?

I have Dolby TRueHD, and DTS HD MA as my primary lossless formats, no Dolby Vision, or HDR rips. For local streaming, I stick to standard Blu-ray and DVDs.

Sounds like I’m good to go, but wanted to clarify to be sure.

Any file containing the premium audio formats which Firecore must pay per-user license fees for:

OK, I got the prompt for both Dolby and DTS, I tried one movie for each type and was prompted. Everything was smooth after that though. No issues activating the codecs. I had Infuse on the iPhone, but uninstalled it. I really only need it on the Apple TV at this point.


I have Infuse PRO subscription. But I can’t switch between audio streams because I’m always getting annoying banner with Dolby activation. WTF?? Why I should activate Dolby support if I’m already have this in PRO subscription ??

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It benefits Firecore, they can save some licensing costs from those who don’t activate.


This post has some details. It’s free so get it and forget it

I moved your post to a thread that will explain the new changes. Please read the first post especially.