Infuse 7.5.2 now available

This has appeared a few times in the past with Pro as well. Might try a quick device restart.

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What do those new codecs mean? Please, I would like to know what improvements exist with these audio codec downloads.

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These are just separate feature activations. The actual audio capabilities have not changed. Full details on what is and isn’t supported can be found here.

Hi, I am not getting the free IAP screen for Dolby & DTS on my app. Just finished updating and restarting both my phone and my Apple TV 4K. Not getting the purchase screen in both devices. When I try to play content which has Dolby DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 I’m getting the old IAP screen to purchase pro version of the app.

Sorry for the confusion.

The prompts are only presented to Pro users.

Pro is still required in order to play certain video types.

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Exactly the same happened here. DTS went smoothly but Dolby needed a second try to go through.

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HI James, i read the link you posted to the faq but i still fail to understand as it wasn’t answered. Do we need to unlock those Dolby DTS features as Pro subscribers. Is there any benefit if i am mostly watching movies/tv on iPhone 13 Speakers or ATV4K 1st Gen w/ 3rd Gen Airpods Spatial Audio?

Also, I thought Infuse processed everything in LPCM to get around the licenses so why the need to unlock these features now? sorry for the uninformed questions if they are!

Infuse uses the licenses to decode the hd audio to LPCM so that it can be output from the Apple TV.

If you have a file with one of those formats you will need to unlock them, regardless of your speaker situation. It’s free so no harm. Just for tracking usage for business purposes.

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Hi @james
I don’t understand the thing with the free in-app purchases for Dolby and DTS.
Why do I have to “purchase” it for free? When it is for free, why isn’t it just implemented?


Hi. I have pro, but I don’t have activation window on Apple TV 4K and iPhone. Tried to restart the app. No changes

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I have the same problem

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I have a pro subscription, but I don’t get the activation window on my Apple TV.


I don’t get these prompts, Apple TV 4K 2021 and iPhone 14 Pro Max with Infuse Lifetime license…


Got the dts prompt on my phone (nowhere else including AppleTV) but never got a Dolby one and most my files audio are Dolby.

Would love to know the full details as to what the audio improvements are :slight_smile:

Just went on each of my devices and found one title with DTS-MA and one with Dolby HD and ran them both and had to subscribe like 8 times in total haha.

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You may see the prompt when playing certain video types. If you don’t see the prompt, then there is no need to worry as you are not missing out on any features.

This allows us to track licenses more efficiently which helps us minimize potential future price increases for Pro.

These will only appear when playing certain videos. No need to worry if you don’t see it.

If you’re using the same account on all devices (or Family Sharing) then you should only have to activate this on one device. The App Store can be a bit slow to update at times.


I was too quick then, I basically opened up all my devices and went for it so yeah that makes sense that I had to activate across the board, its not a problem.

What are the improvements specifically, im a bit of an audio nerd so would love to know!?

No actual changes for audio handling in 7.5.2, just more efficient tracking of activations.

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