Infuse 7.4 New Features not working when using Plex

Hi there I have updated my iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and MacBook Pro 16 to the latest Infuse 7.4 version and none of the new features are showing up for my on any of my devices. I am not getting logos on the detail page, I don’t get the ‘next episode’ button when watching a TV show and I can’t organise anything into collections. Everything looks and works exactly like it did in version 7.3. I would appreciate any feedback as to what I can do to enable these features? Thanks!

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Have you gone to the Settings page and scrolled to the bottom to make sure you have Infuse 7.4 installed? Just to double check. :wink:

What type are network share are you streaming from?

yes its definitely infuse 7.4

Sharing through link to Plex

The Next Episode button will be available as part of the playback overlay. This requires having the Continuous Playback option enabled in Settings > Playback.

Other than that, there are a few limitations with some of the new features when using Plex shares.

Infuse will support collections created in Plex, but these cannot currently be managed in Infuse. This is planned for a future update.

When using Plex, Infuse relies on the metadata/artwork fetched by your Plex server instead of getting its own. Plex does not currently fetch logos as part of its scan, so unfortunately these won’t be available in Infuse when using Plex. We’re looking into a few options for enabling this in a future update.


Ok thanks for clarifying James. Hopefully these features get enabled for Plex shares in future! Thanks

Very disappointed in the new release. Many new features are not for Plex server users. How come this was not made clear? Now the whole release is based on cloud storage.

I keep trying to use Infuse, but every time I find out that the lack of support for Plex users is very disappointing. Infuse cannot implement just basic stuff for us and keep us waiting by saying it’s plannend, suggestion etc and once waited you get the message it is not applicable to Plex users.

It is what it is, but seems to me more a PR thing how releases are being introduced but in reality it is still not working as it should be due to the lack of support for Plex users!


I understand the desire to have it work with Plex but you could look at it as a possible way to be able to do away with Plex and run Infuse only in the future.

Many of the recent new features in prior releases were geared toward those who run Plex and other servers without the ability of those who use Infuse only to benefit from or use those new features.

It’s just trying to keep both groups happy. :+1:

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Well in the planned topic it would be good to make this clear to users. I took part in several topics and was directed to the planned topic every time, just to find out during the release only for cloud storage.

So just mention on social media…new release 7.4 but not for Plex users to avoid any disappointment.

To keep it short… still very disappointed with the lack of basic features (in 2022).


I would do away with Plex when Infuse gives me multi user support and the ability to create custom libraries. Until then, Plex has to stay. Pity……


There are LOTS of things that are needed before Infuse can fully replace Plex. Infuse is a fantastic client, but Plex is still needed for a full-fledged server.

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