Infuse 7.4.9 Apple TV 4K (A12) vs Apple TV HD (A9) 480p Upscaling Comparison

I’m using an Apple TV HD (A8 processor) with my 1080p TV and read in a previous post that Infuse 480p upscaling to 1080p TV was improved for Apple TV 4K models because of their higher processors (A12 & A15).

Well, I just bought an Apple TV 4K (A12) and didn’t see much difference when I was watching a 480p video with Infuse 7.4.9. I took a photo of a wide out pan shot of forest with trees in the video to compare. Day and night scenes with smoke, fire and up-close faces looked about the same too.

Seems to me that if you’re planning on upgrading your Apple TV to one of the newer 4K models for 480p upscaling, it won’t make much of a difference on your 1080p TV. Better to wait until you have a 4K TV before you upgrade.

Hope this helps someone who has similar hardware and was planning to upgrade their Apple TV too!