Infuse 7.3.1 on macOS is crashing frequently during playlist management and searching

Please kindly see logs I manually shared through Apple, and in-app crash data that are automatically shared.

It would also help if you’d send in the diagnostics from Infuse and post the 5 digit code here.


This is scary. Do you guys have good privacy safeguard stuff implemented in this?

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Just don’t post your home address and phone on this forum :joy: and yes there have been people who did :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for sending in the report, we can look into this.

Also, logs submitted through Infuse are anonymous and contain no personal data. In fact, we don’t collect any personal data at all in the app.

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Another note, it also happened once when I tried to delete a duplicate movie through the app, both of which are stored on Google Drive.

This was resolved in Infuse 7.3.2.

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