Infuse 7.1 metadata local series disappeared

Since 7.1 the metadata of much of series from the netherlands disappears… on 7.0 it was fine, and now it is really crap!

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Can you provide a few of the series names so we can look into this?

De Erfenis
Centraal Medisch Centrum
Flodder (fanart dissapears)
De Hoofdprijs (fanart dissapears)

Thanks for that!

TMDb has pretty great coverage for most series, but there may be a few holes with some of the lesser known series.

Fortunately, TMDb is a community maintained database so anyone can make changes and add info, and new content is being added every single day.

We also have a process in place to make limited updates, so I will add these few series to the queue.

Its weard, because on tmdb “de erfenis” exists, with fanart, info and a banner?..

Testing out the workflow…and some items were just added. :wink:

Updates made on TMDb should automatically appear in Infuse in about 1 day.

Okee… but if i search in Infuse, edit metadata for de Erfenis, it apears, but it i press, Infuse does bot shows the metadata.