Infuse 7.1 crashing on tvOS 14.7 and iOS 14.7.1

I’m getting immediate crashes on tvOS and iOS, so can’t follow the instructions for submitting crash logs but I do have crash logs setting turned on so hopefully you’re getting them.

Seems to have started happening in the past couple of weeks or so, when trying to access an sftp share of my EyTV Archive folder. (I also have an NFS share configured for access to other media.) Once it crashes, it keeps doing it immediately on launch.

A delete/reinstall on my AppleTV crashed as soon as iCloud Sync had presumably reinstated the shares?

Apple TV HD 64GB (Infuse recorded as using 80MB storage), tvOS 14.7
iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB (91GB free), iOS 14.7.1

Infuse 7.1.

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Sorry you’re having this problem. When you do a delete/reinstall does it crash as soon as you launch the new install or does it take a little bit of time before it crashes?.

If it takes a little time before the new install crashes maybe try as soon as you launch the new install go into settings and turn off iCloud sync. Then try adding the NFS share manually to start fresh.

I am having the same issue, 7.1 It crashes instantly on startup . I reinstalled it and was able to disable cloud sync but after a couple min it crashed again and now it crashes instantly on start up again.

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What were you doing in those couple of minutes?

This should be resolved in today’s 7.1.1 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.

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Still crashing with the latest version. I deleted it then reinstalled the app. After adding a smb share infuse crashed and now it crashes as soon as I launch it.

Edit: after updating the Apple TV infuse is not crashing anymore. I have it set to auto update so I didn’t think to check it.

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Can confirm the update has fixed the crash I was getting.

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