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Loving the newest update to 7.1 on my apple devices! I was so happy to see that, on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, the Cast & Crew on a movie’s detail page came before the other movies at the bottom. It always seemed weird to me that the cast & crew, as part of the movie’s details, was below the list of other movies, since the other titles split up the details of the movie I wanted to see more info about.

I was sad to see that this change didn’t show up on my Apple TV though, where I do the bulk of my movie watching. It still shows the Cast & Crew at the very bottom. Any reason why this change was implemented in iOS and macOS but not tvOS? Can we expect to see this change in tvOS soon?


Before (7.0):

After (7.1):


I agree, it doesn’t really make sense to separate the cast and crew from the movie.

Yep, got my vote. Make them consistent.


This will be addressed very soon.


Also this update doesn’t actually work. When I select an actor that I know I have at least 20 movies for, it only shows the one I viewed him in. This update is pretty pointless.

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If you just updated to 7.1 it make take some time for the metadata to fetch all the actor info before it starts working as expected. Wait for the library scan to completely finish. If you continue to see issues then I would recommend starting a new thread since this is not the content of the OP.


Is there a way to display the cast and crew row right under the main screen with the movie description. No matter how I arrange things there is always a “Recently added movies” row between the main screen and the cast and crew row so I have to push the down arrow twice to get to the actors, etc…

Thank you in advance.

Yup :wink:

I moved your post to this thread discussing the issue.

Great! Thanks James!

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On the AppleTV when you click on an individual movie it brings up a screen containing information about the movie, middle row listing movies, such as unmatched movies or action movies, and cast and crew (in that order). I want to keep all the information about the movie and the cast and crew, however, I don’t want to see that middle row containing a list of movies in between them. Just to be clear, I am NOT talking information presented on the Home Screen but the information presented for each individual movie.

The cast and crew row will soon be relocated so it’s easier to access.

I’ve moved your post to the thread you can follow for updates. :slight_smile:

Thank you for fixing this. I’m running 7.1.3. The cast and crew row is now where it belongs, i.e. right under the main screen with the movie description. Thanks again!

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@james The Cast and Crew is still below the other titles on ATV when Classic Details View is selected in Settings on 7.1.3 so it still needs to be exchanged there also.

It is correct for the Modern Details View.

Looks great. Thank you.

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For a variety of reasons, the layout on Classic View is unlikely to change.

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I’d rather have the option. Personally, I don’t care about the Cast and Crew and would like an option to have it before or after the other movies.

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