Infuse 7.1 and anime series

Hi, I’ve been using Infuse since 7.0 for watching my anime series and I had been mostly happy with suggested metadata and artworks from but it changed with Infuse 7.1.

  1. I have UI set on Polish language and I would like to have descriptions and titles in Polish language but I know that some anime series may be unpopular for both of databases. handled this with fetching English title and description when TMDB displays original title (it’s Japanese which I don’t need).

  2. Episode titles. Almost all of my episodes lost their titles and now I see only texts like “Episode 1”, “Episode 2” (in Polish of course). I tried to change these titles on TMDB (I’ve made 120 translations since I’ve updated the Infuse to 7.1) and there’re no results.

I am unhappy because I’ve lost control of my library, new artworks (especially backgrounds) are worse (it’s my opinion) but mostly I lost titles and descriptions of my series, I lost names of episodes.

There are some possibilities to fix this? I know that returning to the may be not possible but maybe there are different way for that?

Series where I had the problem:

  • Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi with title “平穏世代の韋駄天達” and without episodes’ titles
  • Peach Boy Riverside with title “ピーチボーイリバーサイド” and without episodes’ titles. Note: I refreshed my library 3 times after I translated the title and still I see only Japanese title.
  • The Duke of Death and His Maid ← this one is still not translated in Polish so I can see only Japanese title.
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Yeah for anime the new update is a bit of a miss… It couldn’t find One Piece anymore and I needed to switch around 900 episode titles in 1x568 format… That wasn’t too bad but like A LOT of the episodes are missing art and I looked on the site and the images just aren’t uploaded there :frowning:

i know this is case by case though but for me the other worked better

Fetching show info was a lot quicker though which is a huge advantage

Thanks for the report, and thanks for making the changes on TMDb!

TMDb uses caching for their data and artwork, and there will be a delay before changes made on TMDb are made available to apps like Infuse.

Changes made on TMDb will be available to Infuse in about 1 day, and Infuse will pull down these changes and update your library automatically. No need to refresh anything manually. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about that, it sounds like a bit of a pain.

However, it looks like TMDb has the correct episode numbers (consistent with IMDb and AniDB), but TheTVDB followed a different order. It’s a little tricky for Infuse to navigate cases like this, but glad you were able to get it sorted out.

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Yeah it is a bit weird… It still misses like a lot of images but that is more of a TheMovieDB problem for that show and maybe the community will fix this.

For the episode numbering it follows such a different path then thetvdb does… Like I needed to do S15E625 for example which simply is S16E46 in theTVDB

It brings for me a bit more problems because it seems like Trakt doesn’t play nice anymore with this show now…

But like I said I can also see that this TV show is a very specific case because all other tv shows in my library updates without problem it seems and the quicker fetching is so noticeable! Huge improvement

Yes, the community is much more active at TMDb, so things can get updated pretty fast. Also, anyone can register for an account and make changes, so if you see something missing the quickest solution may be to upload a missing pic or two.

FWIW, Trakt is also in the process of moving to TMDb, so more likely than not things will start working better soon (before October 1st, which is the shutoff date for the v3 API).

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So we can add shows and movies manually just need to register first ? Also can we add actor pics manually as well ? Some are missing

Yes indeed! :slight_smile:

Great will be making an account as long as eveything is free :+1:t4: there’s shows and pics I need to add

100% free, and any changes you make will be available to Infuse, as well as Trakt, Jellyfin, Kodi, etc…

I definitely lost the titles to all my Dragon Ball and other series……it removed all individual seasons and turned them to 1 I got a few thousand of name changes on my hand :joy:

Mac has a great built in file batch renaming function.

If you wanna get through it I bought a program called Filebot which is really handy for me, saves me going into the Terminal and stuff

The one built into the Mac OS is right in the right click menu when you right click a group of selected files and its free. I’ve changed hundreds of file names at once in a few seconds using this. :wink:

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I really didn’t know this… hahah But that is even better yes!

Is it possible that Infuse 7.1 can not fetch the name of the episode, if the name at tmdb is only in english available and in infuse the default language is german? Many of the new anime series showing only episodenumbers but in tmdb is the english name available.

For episodes I believe infuse only I looks at the part before the number and ignores the title afterwards:
My Favorite Show S01E05 - This is all ignored
Not sure if that answers your question

Could you provide an example of one of the series that is showing English and one that only shows numbers?

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Both TVDB and TMDB are not complete in the translations for all of the episodes it appears. This seems to be a new series and as such will probably take a while to get all of the translations submitted by the members. If you would like, you could join TMDB and follow their guides to add the missing translations.

Infuse doesn’t have an option to not show specific parts of the metadata, it will fill in the blanks that the databases provide.

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