Infuse 7.1.2 Library Scan

Oh no. So it’ll just be down Plex. BTW, Plex also moved to to TMDB recently and I has no problems with it apartment from having to reorganise my Battlestar Galactica structure to suit it. Nearly all films and TV went through fine.

Infuse’s matching metadata manually often shows totally irrelevant stuff.

Would you be able to list the titles you are having trouble with, and maybe how the files are named?

Scanning for movies hasn’t seen any major changes lately, so it’s a little surprising you are running into issues with these.

Certainly I’ll do that. To be honest, Infuse has always produced so odd matches, even version.

Try these films:

Actual film:
File structure
Directory “Alien (1979)”
File “Alien.m4v”
Matched as “Alien Covenant”

Actual film:
File structure
Directory “Alien3 (1993)”
File “Alien3.m4v”
Also Matched as “Alien Covenant”

Hope this helps

I’m just curious as to why you don’t include the year in the file name but do have it in the folder?

In the users guide it even says

Since day one I’ve included the year in the file name and have had little to no real issues. When the users guide said " it can help get more accurate results" I just standardized on that and it’s worked for me.

You still get close without the year in the file name but with it in the file name it’s far more often that you don’t have to refine the choices returned by the API.

Sorry to see you’re still fighting with these issues and thanks for the continued input! I’m sure it helps others.

Mmm… I can see this would help. What about TV, often different series have different years. It’s TV I really struggle with matches.

Thanks for that!

Infuse uses the search results provided by TMDb, and these are generally pretty solid. However, they can change over time so if you had a video matched a year ago and reinstalled the app the top result may be different.

The search term here is simply ‘Alien’ and the top result is Alien Covenant. Adding 1979 to the filename would give you the correct title.

Using a filename of ‘Alien3.m4v’ gave me the correct result automatically.

Do you by chance have these named with the 3 as superscript (EG Alien³)? If so, the ³ portion would be disregarded for search purposes, and you would get the top result for ‘Alien’ (which is the same as above).

Infuse 7.1+ supports including the year in the filename for TV shows as well.

Spot on re Alien3, I used a superscript.

OK lots of food for thought. Looks like a massive renaming job coming


OK, giving version 7 another, this time on macOS, boy is it faster. I created new folders on Google Drive and moved 5 Alien films to it, dating the actual movie files as suggested. Spot on. Excellent.

Switch to TV series. So far I’ve added 17 posters to TMDB (A-L), how long before they filter down to Infuse? The Mac version (ethernet) really churns through the processing quickly.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your help and support.


These should automatically update in Infuse in about 1 day.

James, I’ve got the macOS Infuse and iPad Infuse 7.1.2 all done and in-sync. I added 53 bits of artwork in all (all TV). I had a couple of miss-matches this time, nothing major. I also added about 5 new TV series to TMDB and all have filtered through except one TV show: details

I just can’t get either Infuse app to pick this one up. It appears in the Edit Metadata option as the link shows, but details don’t come through. What have I done wrong?

I’ll start on the first of my Apple TV4K’s shortly but as everything seems to by syncing I hope it’ll go well.

I’m glad with you and your colleagues help I’ve persevered - many thanks.



It looks like this series was just added on TMDb, so there may be a delay before TMDb API caches are updated and the details/artwork are available to Infuse.

I’d give it a try tomorrow and it should be working.

:point_up_2:This is the answer. :slight_smile: