Infuse 7.1.2 Library Scan

This update is rescanning my entire Google Drive Library again. It is very very slow. So far, 10% scanned, 15% battery used. It won’t finish unless plugged into a charger. Estimated time to complete 5-6 hours. I have six devices to do.

Why? It’s never taken more than an hours for a full scan before.

OK, I’ve had to stop the scan. Very frustrated as I now have no app I can use to nicely access my Google Drive library. This was a great app that I’ve used for several years but this change of library lookup has effectively made it un-useable. I’m very sad about this.

I’ll try one of my Apple TV’s and see if the scan is any quicker as a last attempt to salvage something from this.

There may be different things going on depending on which version you updated from.

If updating from pre-7.1, Infuse will fetch new info/artwork from TMDb for your shows.

If updating from 7.1 (or 7.1.1) Infuse will work to optimize on-device storage so cached images take up less space.

Both of these are a one-time process so they shouldn’t have to run again in the future.

James, I’m currently running on Apple TV and the scan is much quicker. Both iPad and Apple TV auto update apps so both are updating from the previous version. I’ve deleted Infuse from my iPad now as the scan won’t complete on a single charge and I can’t give it the 6+ hours it’ll take.

One worrying thing is my library of 12500+ items had only 3 classed as “other” which were two concerts and a football match. This has been consistent for 2 years. Apple TV now shows 1868 “other” items and the number is rising constantly. Now 3058 Other items.

I’ll see this scan through to the end, but I cannot possibly fix the metadata on so many miss-matches.

OK, stage one of scan complete on Apple TV and the “other” count came back to 3. Very pleased with that. It’s now fetching artwork, again for the whole library, but it is still quite quick. I’m becoming more hopeful.

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OK, Apple TV scan finished, but I now have about 15% of my TV artwork missing. Shows are correctly titled but they did have artwork before and now there is none. Presumably this is the lack of completeness of the new metadata source. All of my content existed in TVDB (I added a lot of it as I specialise in 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s British TV).

Please put back the option to use TVDB.

You may want to check their site and see if it really is a lack of artwork or if it’s just still gathering artwork on the device. Others have seen this and the artwork did come back after several hours.

Would you be able to list the titles you are having trouble with?

We have an internal process in place to migrate some of this info to TMDb, to help ease the transition.

If it’s still missing tomorrow it’ll list it in a reply. Re-running the scan on the iPad but it is so slow, even from a clean install.

I’m going to let the iPad scan run through the night.

Scan has completed on iPad leaving 137 items in Other and missing a considerable amount of artwork.

Sorry, but it’s the end of the Infuse road for me. It has always needed a lot of nursing, metadata-wise, but that work was done.

I’ll monitor your Twitter feed to see if future updates once again allow use of TVDB, but for now Infuse is gone.

Good luck.

137 really isn’t that much. How many shows is it? You might give this a chance:

I’m sorry but although 137 titles doesn’t sound much, it is when added to the considerable amount of missing artwork. All of this was fine with TVDB. Also, the iPad is now out of sync with the first Apple TV which only showed 3 missing items (as before), but has the missing artwork.

To cap it all I now have a Google 24 hour ban.

I’ve deleted Infuse and cancelled my subscription.

Again, good luck for the future.

Sorry to hear that.

I’d be happy to help get you back on track if you want to give things another try in the future. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime.

Thanks for your help over a number of years. I’m sad to leave, but the decision is made. I’m already working with alternative solutions but being hampered by my 24 hour ban at the moment. I’ll continue to monitor your twitter feed to see if future updates make Infuse an option again.

Good luck and stay safe.

Well, it may not relate to the topic, but I feel very satisfied with new TMDB instead of TVDB. The number of other items in my library reduced from about 100 to only 30 now. Feel very sad to hear you stop Infuse subscription and hope that you’ll come back some days.


Not surprised he got the 24 hour gdrive ban from just Indexing the drive which I’ve been telling james over and over again but he insists you only get that during playback :cry: sorry to see him go.

OK, after deleting Infuse because I couldn’t make the change to TMDB work for me I had a free day yesterday and decided to give it another go.

First off Movies only. I have 1652 films varying from classics, to modern, a mix of SD and HD (UHD were in a separate library).

The scan of this library took just under 3 hours. Seriously, 3 hours. My network is unchanged so this time frame is extraordinarily. All 1652 films collected metadata, but on checking I found just over 200 (205) were incorrectly identified even though my naming process follows the guidelines correctly. Some matches were bizarre but easily fixed by manually selecting the metadata. This took another hour and a half.

I then plugged my iPad into a charger and started on TV Series, of which I have 457 containing 10452 episodes. I then went to bed. Getting up six hours later and the process was still working. It took 7 hours in all.

This resulted in 8200 episodes remaining as ‘Other” and not identified at all, series such as Babylon 5, 24, 30 Rock, The 4400 among others. Nothing obscure. I tried manually fixing the matches by Infuse because so unresponsive I found myself repeating operations several times.

OK, the end result is I again removed Infuse 7.1.2. But, I did install version 6 pro. I rebuilt the entire metadata, Movies, TV, UHD etc in just over 90 minutes. Yes, there were a few miss-matches which I manually fixed (about 12 minutes), and I now have a working solution for my Google Drive content. I’ve now done the same with my two Apple TV’s which already sync’d all of the manual metadata fixes I’d done on the IPad.

So I don’t get the new user interface but I’m quite happy with the Apple TV layout (the iPad look wastes a lot of screen space). I’m now a content Infuse 6 user and won’t be going back to version 7 any time soon.

One final thing. Scanning the Movies (in the first paragraph above) got me another 24 Google ban.

Hope this helps others considering the upgrade.

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FYI This solution will only work for another month as infuse will be updating v6 to use TMDb as tvdb v3 api support is ending.