Infuse 7.0 UI (and why I still have to use Plex) - ATV


First congrats on the release of the MAC version. I am sure a lot of work went into it.

My UI issue in on the ATV screen. When i have finished playing a TV episode, I would like to delete it and move to the next one. In the past, the delete button was on the first page of the screen. Now I have to scroll to the “more” button to get the edit and delete options. Is there a way to reorder those buttons? I don’t need rate on the first page

Why do I still have to use Plex? (Connecting Infuse to Plex)

The ability to have multiple libraries (TV, Movies, Kids Movies etc.) Infuse gives me TV, Films & Other. And yes, i have added the “directories” as favourites but they don’t group the films into collections. Only “Collections” does that and then i get ALL collections on one screen. (Kids & mine)

Collections: I want to create my own collections and add movies to it and show it as one “icon” on the screen. The classic example that has been discussed many times, is Marvel Studios. I want a custom collection and the ability to add all the Marvel films to one collection with a custom image in my library.

I would really like to be able to run Infuse on it’s own and save energy by not having a Plex server running in the background, but alas…

Finally, is it possible to have a “Continue Watching” section but separated into TV & Films on the home screen? My kids watch films but stop half way through and then it clutters up the screen.

(Unless we can have multiple users with each having their own screen?) :crazy_face:

Thanks (Hope this all makes sense)