Infuse 7.0 Release Mixed versions Question

If we have Infuse 6 Pro on several ATVs can we install V7 on a Mac with the same user ID and NOT hose up the iCloud sync for the V6 devices?

Will the new V7 on the Mac grab the share and metadata from the iCloud for V6 devices?

Not tried ATV’s yet, but certainly Infuse 7 on Mac has picked up the share and metadata automatically

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I suspect the answer to this is that it will hose it up, because in order for it to upgrade v6 users the iCloud Container ID has to be the same. So launching any v7 client will likely upgrade the iCloud contents to v7 and break all the v6 ones.

I have iCloud issues but they are of my own making, as Infuse can’t distinguish between local and remote. My ATV is obviously static, never leaves my home and is permanently on my local LAN, it uses NFS for the shares because after doing the speed tests this was the fastest.

My mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac are the only ones I would use from outside the house, these all connect back using Webdav. To make this work, I have to install the ATV, turn off the iCloud sync, and set it up manually. Then my “mobile” devices share the same config, but my ATV has its own.

I would love to have a “Home” config and a “Remote” config, and have Infuse know when I’m at home and switch between the two. I guess I’m a pretty special use case so I can live with it as it is.

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This is exactly what I am trying to avoid. LOL

I’ll just hold off till @james gets a moment to chime in.

Upon first updating form v6 to v7, the iCloud version number will be increased and Infuse 7 clients will sync with this new data.

Infuse 6 clients will continue to sync with other v6 clients, but will not sync with v7.


The best of ALL worlds! Thanks James!

One last question on this, does this double your icloud storage for Infuse while you have both V6 and V7 or do they use the same data, just not updating new items?

Is there any correct procedure to update?
I delete my beta Mac Infuse App and I install it from the mac.
However, all the data is gone.
I’d to retrieve every data from Google Drive again.

Do you have a subscription to any other version (iOS or tvOS) of Infuse?

Yes. Should I upgrade my iPhone infuse to 7 first?
Then it will automatically use iCloud to sync to other devices?

I deleted and installed and all my data intact. Have you tried clicking restore purchases? I haven’t updated any other version yet

I solved it. Thanks for helping.
After I update iPhone Infuse to 7, and backup iCloud.
The Mac version automatically synced correctly.
So, I think the first step is to update iPhone’s Infuse version to 7.

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glad you sorted it. strangely tho, the only one I’ve updated to 7 so far is the Mac one, and mine just sync’d anyway

So i was a pro User infuse 6 but can’t activate it on infuse 7. am I missing something?

Do you have an Infuse subscription or did you purchase the stand alone Infuse Pro 6 app?

I think it was the second. But isn’t this the same?

No, if you purchased the stand alone Infuse Pro 6 then you don’t get the free update to V7. If you have the subscription then it automatically updates to V7 at no additional change.

I remember buying the app thinking it’s cheaper in the long run, if spend all this money for a lifetime subscription and now it was just for the app… this is a weird price policy. it was more expensive than the simple subscription if I remember right?

There’s no longer a stand alone app for Infuse, only the subscriptions. The lifetime subscription appears to be roughly the equivalent of buying two stand alone apps but will give you all future major updates at no additional charge.

I just went for the lifetime so I didn’t have to worry about any monthly or annual charges and when new major versions are released I get those automatically with no additional charges.

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Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve had to come here to ask a question. Anyway Updated everything to V7, and downloaded the macOS app to the iMac, and all is well. My question is, since the media is being shared by the iMac via SMB, and the media RAID is physically attached to the Mac, is it possible to have the macOS app play media directly vs trying to stream it since there is no need to stream being the app and media are on the same computer? Was just wondering if the macOS app is smart enough to detect it’s running on the computer with the media so it won’t try to send it over the network. Other than this question, everything is fine. Got a lifetime subscription with V6 V7, updated perfectly and shows pro (including the Mac app.)

i like the idea of a unified homescreen layout across all plattforms but it seems a bit uneven with the same sizes of different segments… and movie genre buttons are too big… screen estate seems a bit more wasted now?