infuse 6

I am just a user like you. Not a firecore employees

You still don’t get it. Or you do not want to understand. Buying the Version 5 Pro gives you a lifetime licence for Version 5 pro only.

This does not include Version 6 pro. If you want Version 6, you have to buy Version 6 pro, which will give you lifetime licence for version 6 only.

As man users have told you now: If you want lifetime updates to all future version, you need a subscription plan which can be purchased from within the free app… This can be monthly, yearly or lifetime.

I agree, that this can be made more understandable. Especcialy if you are not a native english speaker the current pricing can be confusing.

However it is nowhere said, that a purchase of Version 5 pro will include version 6 and above.

And having a subscription plan is much more expensive than paying a onetime price for a version 5 pro, because with a subscription you’ll have a monthly / yearly fee which sums up to a much higher price.

So you’ll get what you pay for.

Please stop blaming others, for your own inability to understand pricing lists.

Subscribing gives you PRO. So for a monthly /yearly fee or a one time Fee that is higher than the price for a version 6 pro you get PRO for ever including updates to higher versions.

Its not that complicated :slight_smile:



I must confess, I am too “disappointed” I was expecting a lot of new feature on Infuse 6, and in the end we had nothing of all that … I probably expected too much I do not know … but where did his past all go?

  • The trailers?
  • Philips Hue integration?
  • Search by actor?
  • Search for a film by the same director?

Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with Infuse I use it almost every day on my ATV 4K and I find it really cool it works with all my video formats and quality and top :slight_smile:

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@all who are complaining, that V6 doesn’t bring new features:

Please check upcoming feature list under Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20).

V6 is an under the hood release needed to bring all the over the hood features we are all waiting for.


Infuse 6 includes quite a few new major additions and improvements, and depending on how you use Infuse these may or may not make a big impact for you.

Development isn’t stopping with 6.0 and we’re continuing to work on great new features and additions (like we did with Infuse 5 for 6.1, 6.2, etc… These are generally made available when they are ready, and not held back for a major release. For example, we introduced a full iOS redesign in Infuse 5.6 (, whereas a more traditional approach would be to release an update like this as 6.0.

This thread has a look at some of the things we’re working to add for upcoming versions, and is updated regularly.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Options to consider and I think necessary.

1-More movies or series in recently added or all in that order as in all other applications.

2-That you file. nfo so the information of a new movie would be faster if there is the. nfo file that searches the Internet for the information of the movie, with this would have all the movies well put as it leaves me more than 800 films and series Unrecognized and with This would have well all my database I put in all my files your. nfo file

AFAIK .nfo files are supported. see Scan .nfo files to identify movies
The tags supported is to be seen here

But the Metadata must be included in the relevant tags. I think taking the information from where the metadata is to be scraped is not supported

If your files are not being recognized you might want to check

If I have it perfect, Kodi and other programs recognize him without any problems.

Infuse No.

Prumppre is looking for the info and if he won’t find it he won t read the Nfo because if he read them the info would appear well and more than 800 chapters and movies were left well - renamed with his. Nfo

I am sorry. I already had problems understanding your first statement. But this thime you totally lost me. Who is Pumppre and why is he looking for the info?

You’re very funny ha ha ha

Use Translator

It was not my intention to be funny. I really have difficulties to understand the meaning of what you are saying (or autotranlate). I understand, that you are not a native English speaker but so I am.

I am pretty sure, that Infuse will read the .nfo files and takes the information from there if a .nfo file is available as it works here.

For whatever reason it is not working for you.

Can you please post a screenshot of your directory showing the directory structure as well as your file naming. And in addtion please attach an example .nfo file for one of the unrecognized TV shows.

This way we can check and probably find out why its not working.

They’re not the only one getting lost in your responses. We’re not making fun of you, we just can’t understand what you’re asking. Could you please run your native language through Google Translator and see if that clears things up a bit?

Some chapters of this show or I don’t know there s 800 that doesn’t recognize.

S01e14 You don’t recognize it in addition to other series.

It’s still not clear to me what you are asking. Sorry

Infuse doesn’t read the files in locally.

I have my perfectly renowned library and all programs recognize the information.

Infuse does not read the Nfo or read them or not.

As you can see in screenshot, version 6 has more errors.

Both do not recognize many of the series / movies archives.

Everyone has their .nfo file in local.

Example nfo in txt.

magnum_p.i._-s01e14-i_the_deceased.nfo.txt|attachment (1.96 KB)

Can you provide a few examples of the items which are appearing in the Other category?

For a bit of background, Infuse is able to read into from XML and NFO files - however, in order to have these items displayed in the Movies/TV Shows categories they will need to be matched with one of the items from the online databases (TMDb/TheTVDb). For this reasons, you will want to keep the Metadata Fetching option enabled, even if you wish to use NFO files.

I have both options selected.

I use Infuse in Appletv 4 but to show you it’s easier to capture a video on the iphone.

As you can see in the iPhone, I pulse in others and the more than 800 not recognized by infuse appear.

But when I go looking it seems that it reads the nfo and changes the name for the information.

But they are still in others not moved to their site movie or series.