Infuse 6 with ISO dvd on Apple tv

I tried to download infuse 6 and make 1 week test. try to play my ISO dvd that plays very well on vlc
no titles but only main video
video is very bad with grey square everywere

apple tv series 4

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One thing you can try is to disable Infuse’s interlacing feature, as this can lead to issues with some ISO files. (Note: The Apple TV 4 is a bit underpowered, and this should not be an issue on the Apple TV 4K).

Deinterlacing can be disabled via the Video tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is being played).

I have also downloaded Infuse 6 and subscribed to pro yesterday, hoping this would allow to play iso files on atv4k.

All I get is “An error occured loading this content” whether I try to play on atv or Ios

Tried connection to NAS via SMB And UPnP, same result.

Is this affecting all ISO files, or just a few?

FYI, ISO files will be available when streaming via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, and WebDAV but will not be available when using UPnP or DLNA.

Not all, but most Iso files, especially those that appear to have complex menus.

2 out of 29 are running. They do indeed have the watched indicator nearly filled, all others do not.

For instance « James Blunt - Back to the Bedlam » and « Pascal Obispo - Millésimes (Live 2013-2014) » do run properly.

« Take That Live 2015 », « Duran Duran Live from London », « Ed Sheeran Wembley Live », « Jamie Cullum Momentum », « Aha The Final Concert » are among those that are not running.

Did you ever figure out a fix to this? I have several ISO files that I can play with VLC but get the same error when using Infuse. Thanks.