Infuse 6: why are the show titles disappearing?

Another annoyance I found, when I browse this list the titles are replaced by seasons… !?
Can show you a clip, because I can’t upload that… but you’ll get the idea.

What version of Infuse?

Have the same exact issue with Infuse with the latest 6.2.x and also with 6.3. In my case i use Infuse with Plex connection.

There was an issue that was fixed in 6.2.7 but you have to do an edit metadata for the series that were mislabeled so pick an episode in each one and do an edit metadata and that should fix it.

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately this doesn’t solve the issue. Tried it on several shows which have the issue but to no avail.

Can you provide a screen cap of what you’re seeing?

No, because I cannot upload movies here. But look at the screenshot. When I move the focus onto an item with the title. It takes a second and then only the season is shown. You can exactly see what items I have moves focus too.

Infuse 6.3, with Plex

I wasn’t addressing you, I had quoted Stiibun and was asking them. I saw your screen cap and was wanting to see if theirs was along the same lines. :wink:

I had the same issue but after the Infuse update to 6.2.7 it fixed the problem, all I had to do was pick one of the episodes in each season and do an “Edit Metadata” then re-select the correct series. When it reloaded it would then have the correct names.

Ah must have misunderstood you NC Bullseye, as I just did a refresh of the metadata. Will check again this evening and let you know the outcome when I edit the metadata. When it’s still an issue, I’ll try to make a video of the issue.