Infuse 6 - what happens if share is not available?

Let’s say I have an SMB share, and, start up Infuse on Apple TV. And, let’s say the library which was previously scanned (and iCloud sync is on) is not currently available, does the library content get removed from Infuse?

Let’s say it’s IOS instead, and, I am remote, does the content get removed from Infuse and the cloud?

Let’s say I accidentally hit the rescan icon in the upper right, remotely, with no connection to home lan, now what?

Just want to make sure not being able to connect to the share from TVOS or IOS doesn’t result in the complete library going away.

No it doesn’t. I believe the metadata and items only get nuked if you remove the share.

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Right. The cached info for your library will remain intact, even if you attempt a rescan and the device is offline or otherwise unavailable.

Removing the share would cause the library to be deleted. Infuse will also remove items from the library if it is able to connect to that device, and senses files have been deleted from the share.